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Sep 13, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Phase-Space Noncommutativity Effect on the Large and Small Wave-Function Components Approach at Dirac Equation

Ilyas Haouam
By the large and small wave-function components approach we achieved the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation in interaction with an electromagnetic potential in noncommutative phase-space, and we tested the effect of the phase-space noncommutativity on it, knowing that the nonrelativistic limit of the Dirac equation gives the Schrodinger-Pauli equation.

Jul 26, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Frobenius Series Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation with Various Types of Symmetric Hyperbolic Potentials in One Dimension

Hippolyte Nyengeri, René Simbizi, Audace Girukwishaka, Rénovat Nizigiyimana, Eugène Ndenzako
The Schrodinger equation (SE) for a certain class of symmetric hyperbolic potentials is solved with the aid of the Frobenius method (FM). The bound state energies are given as zeros of a calculable function. The calculated bound state energies are successively substituted into the recurrence relations for the expanding coefficients of the Frobenius series representing even and odd solutions in order to obtain wave functions associ

Jul 19, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Physical Properties of Interaction Mediating Fields

Eliahu Comay
This work analyzes quantum fields that describe particles and quantum fields that mediate interaction between particles. Criteria for the acceptability of a quantum theory are explained and used. The main result states that no genuine particle mediates interaction between other particles. It is proved that Maxwellian radiation fields, namely photons, interact with electric charges but no genuine photon is involved

Apr 13, 2018Open    AccessArticle

The Relativistic Giant Atom: Evidences and Recommendations

Emad Eldieb
In 2017 we published a new theory under the title: physics of the relativistic giant atom [1], where we suggested an alternative solution for the theory of special relativity. Some points were ambigious. Here in this present article we rewrite the same paper with clarification of the ambigios points, and with adding new ideas. If the original relativity says: the relativistic mass m(v) of a particle increases and its relativistic

Jan 11, 2018Open    AccessArticle

Quantum Physical Systems and Their Evolution

Malkhaz Mumladze
In this article, we proposed a method for describing the evolution of quantum physical systems. We define the action integral on the functional space and the entropy of distribution of observable values on the set of quantum states. Dynamic of quantum system in this article is described as dynamical system represented by one parametric semi group which is extremal of this action integral. Evol

Sep 15, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Collective Behavior in a Local Causal Model of Quantum Theory

Hans H. Diel
The non-localities in quantum theory (QT) (the most famous example is expressed in the violation of Bell’s inequality in experiments) impede the construction of a local causal model of QT including quantum field theory (QFT). The laws of collective behavior may be considered to be types of non-local laws: laws that apply to the collection of system components as a whole. The article presents a proposal for the treatment of the non

Jun 23, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Lorentz Transformation Properties of Currents for the Particle-Antiparticle Pair Wave Functions

Rajat Roy
The Lorentz transformation properties of charge current four vector for Dirac spinor particles are examined once more especially for the zitterbewegung terms which are integral parts of this theory.

Feb 08, 2017Open    AccessArticle

Spacetime Structures in a Causal Model of Quantum Theory

Hans H. Diel
The enterprise to construct a local causal model of quantum theory (QT), including quantum field theory (QFT), resulted in the identification of “quantum objects” as the elementary units of causality and locality. Quantum objects are collections of particles (including single particles) whose collective dynamics and measurement results can only be described by the laws of QT/ QFT. Quantum objects run autonomously with system state update frequency based on their local proper time and with no or ...

May 17, 2016Open    AccessArticle

Elementary Errors in Contemporary Theoretical Physics

Eliahu Comay
The paper discusses two cases showing crucial effects of error correction. It proves that contrary to the common belief, the electronic state of atoms having more than one electron has a multiconfiguration structure and that the central field approximation provides an inadequate description of the wave function. Fundamental isospin properties prove that baryonic quarks (like those of the

Oct 22, 2015Open    AccessArticle

On the Origin of Electric Charge

Johannes Antonie Josephus van Leunen
By starting from a quaternionic separable Hilbert space as a base model, the paper uses the capabilities and the restrictions of this model in order to investigate the origins of the electric charge and the electric fields. Also, other discrete properties such as color charge and spin are considered. The paper exploits all known aspects of the quaternionic number system and it uses quaternionic differential calculus rather than Maxwell based differential calculus. The paper presents fields as mo...