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The Investigation of the Apoptose Structural Effects and Mechanism in Leukemic Cells of Sirt1 Inhibitor Sirtinol  [PDF]
Dilara Fatma Akin, Mine Mumcuoglu, Didem Torun Ozkan, Nejat Akar, Ahmet Emin Kurekci
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104268
Human SIRT1 is an enzyme that deacetylates the p53 tumor suppressor protein. It has been suggested to modulate p53-dependent functions including DNA damage-induced cell death. Sirtuins are nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dependent class III histone deacetylase proteins that play a crucial role in several cellular processes, including DNA repair, apoptosis, and lifespan. In this study, we investigated the relationship between sirtinols and apoptosis mechanism at leukemic cells. For this, we applied sirtinol to K-562 (chronic myeloid leukemia) and Jurkat (acute T-cell leukemia) cell lines at different dilutions in cell culture conditions. And Cdna isolated patient RNA samples, after that Caspase3, Bax, Bcl2 expression performed with used qRT-PCR technique and cells were stained by Annexin V method. According to the results of research, we identified that Sirtinol dilutions were increased in both K-562 and Jurkat, while the number of living cells was decreasing, the number of dead cells increased at 50 μM dilution. Sirtinol, an HDAC inhibitor in the direction of these results, has been observed to be a drug that can be effective in the treatment of CML as well as T-ALL.
Screening of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in CD95 (APO-1/FAS) Promoter Region (G-1377A) in Children with Acute Leukemia  [PDF]
Dilara Fatma Akin Bali, Didem Torun Ozkan, Ahmet Emin Kurekci, Nejat Akar
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104385
CD95 is a cell surface receptor involved in apoptotic signal transmission. Deregulation of this pathway results in down regulation of apoptosis and subsequent persistence of a malignant clone. A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) resulting in guanine-to-adenine (G > A) transition in the CD95 promoter region (position ﹣1377) is thought to reduce stimulatory protein 1 (SP1) transcription factor binding and decrease CD95 expression. The purpose of this study was to examine a genetic polymorphism in the core promoter of CD95 is associated with the frequency. G-1377A in the CD95 promoter region was genotyped by polymerase chain reaction and restriction endonuclease analysis and sequenced of the CD95 gene (Beckman Coulter, USA). Among 146 patients, CD95 G-1377A (rs2234767) SNP carriers frequencies has been identified as 25% GA (n:37) and AA 4% (n:6), respectively. This polymorphism of the distribution of the CD95 gene in acute leukemic children will be a guide for future studies.
A novel 110-bp insertion in a patient with homocysteinuria
Didem Torun,Talia ?leri,Kaan Gündüz,Nejat Akar
Turkish Journal of Hematology , 2011,
The effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper on transcription factors in HUVEC and the erythrocyte protein profile
Erkan Y?lmaz,?ükrü Güle?,Didem Torun,?brahim Celalettin Haznedaro?lu
Turkish Journal of Hematology , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: Ankaferd Blood Stopper (ABS) is an herbal extract that has historically been used as a hemostatic agent in traditional Turkish medicine. ABS is comprised of a standardized herbal mixture of T. vulgaris, G. glabra, V. vinifera, A. officinarum, and U. dioica. ABS’s basic mechanism of action is the formation of an encapsulated protein web, which represents the focal point for vital erythrocyte masses. The hemostatic effects of ABS have been observed in vitro and in vivo. ABS was registered as a hemostatic agent for external hemorrhages and dental bleeding following phase I randomized, double-blind crossover placebo-controlled clinical research, and safety and efficacy reports. In terms of the potential use of ABS, transcription factors may be novel factors that play a role in the hemostatic and other pleiotropic effects of ABS. Materials and Methods: Hence, the present study aimed to investigate the effects of ABS on endothelium, and possible transcription factor changes in HUVEC (human umbilical vein endothelial cells) and the erythrocyte membrane profile. ABS (5 μL and 50 μL) was administered to HUVEC (in 75 cm2; ~75% fullness) for 5 min and 15 min. Results: ABS caused significant increases in the level of activation of the following transcription factors; AP2, AR, CRE/ATF1, CREB, E2F1-5, E2F6, EGR, GATA, HNF-1, ISRE, Myc-Max, NF-1, NFkB, p53, PPAR, SMAD 2/3, SP1, TRE/AP1, and YY1. Following erythrocyte membrane isolation, protein complexes were undissolved, but denatured. The protein complex formed was resistant to heat and detergent. Trypsin and sonication were used in order to break this complex; the complex dissolved and erythrocyte membrane proteins were released in SDS-PAGE.Conclusion: ABS established a very fast and solid protein web, and increased the level of transcription factor activation. Therefore the cellular effects of ABS could be related to different intracellular biological pathways.
From “Cogito Ergo Sum” to “Vivo Ergo Sum”: Current Theoretical Trends and Changing Perspectives in Leadership  [PDF]
Ozkan Karaaslan
Open Journal of Leadership (OJL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojl.2015.44014
Abstract: The aim of this paper is to review recent developments in leadership theories from paradigm perspective and introduce the new frontiers and challenges of leadership theories and practice. Considering that organizational analysis is rooted in different social science paradigms, “scientization” was likely to result in hegemony of a single paradigm in management field—and in specific leadership studies—by suppressing knowledge claims of other paradigms. In conjunction with this, the study attempted to verify whether the leadership field is dominated by modernist-positivist approach by analyzing the trend in last 15 years from this perspective. Findings of the review significantly demonstrated that the recent developments in the field can be described as a transition from a modernist-positivist approach towards more balanced fashion which employs both retrospective and interpretive approach in leadership studies. However, it is also underlined that integrative perspectives that consider how disparate leadership theories—66 different leadership theories in specific-relate or operate simultaneously to influence the emergence of leadership phenomena is crucial.
Yeni Bir Mesleki Olu um : Okul Kütüphanecileri stanbul Grubu [OK G]
Osman Torun
Türk Kütüphanecili?i , 2003,
Abstract: Bu yaz n n amac , Okul Kütüphanecileri stanbul Grubu'nu tan tmak ve grup taraf ndan ger ekle tirilen al malara meslekta lar m zla ve kamuoyunla payla makt r Bu er evede; grubun varolu süreci, ilke ve hedefleri, yap s ve de erleri, stratejiler ile bugüne dek ger ekle tirilen toplant lar ve bu toplant larda dile getirilen g rü ler, neriler ve al nan kararlar hakk nda ayr nt l bilgilere yer verilmektedir. Bir sivil toplum projesi olarak da de erlendirilebilecek OK G ve grup taraf ndan ger ekle tirileni ger ekle tirilecek al malar; dayand i birli i, payla m, üretime ve züme d nük olma, bireysellikten daha ziyade "ortak akla nem verme" gibi nitelikleri ile dikkat ekmektedir. Bu al ma, ülkemizdeki tüm meslekta lar m za ve ilgili tüm ki i ve kurumlara y nelik bir payla m ve bilgilendirme abas olmas n n yan s ra, birlikte üretmeye ve payla maya a k bir davet niteli i de ta maktad r.
Turkish Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Dede Qorqut Stories is one of the most important works in history of Turkic culture and Turkic languages. The life style and understanding life of societies can be seen on languages of societies. Accordingly it is possible to determine the cultural values of nomadic Oguzs in Dede Qorqut Stories. What kind of features did Oguzs’s houses have and which words did they use to refer? From this point of view, it has been defined and discussed the vocabulary with regard to housing in Dede Qorqut Stories according to co-occurence. It has been also divided into two sub-classes such as nomadic life and permanent settlement the words with regard to housing conceptual field in the stories. In the result of research, it has been realized that the words with regard to nomadic life were used more than permanent settlement. In the words related to tent-type houses, it has been deternined that color adjectives are used with tent-type houses more often. Also, in the places where tent-type houses are pitched, it is obvious that color adjectives are used frequently. The nouns related to nomadic life are widely used with the verbs dik- “to erect / to pitch” and kur- “to put up / to set up”, besides it is apparent that the nouns with regard to permanent settlement are used with verb yap- “to do”. Dede Korkut hikayeleri Türk kültür tarihi ve Türk dili i in en nemli eserlerden biridir. Toplumlar n ya am bi imleri, dünyay alg lay lar o toplumun dilinde de kendini g sterir. Bu do rultuda Dede Korkut hikayelerinde g ebe O uzlar n maddi ve manevi kültür de erlerini belirlemek mümkündür. Acaba O uzlar n bar nd klar evleri ne gibi zellikler ta yordu ve bu yap lar adland rmak i in hangi s zleri kullan yorlard ? Bu sorulardan hareketle Dede Korkut hikayelerindeki bar nmayla ilgili s z varl tespit edilmi ve bu s zler metin ba lam i inde birliktelik kullan mlar na g re de erlendirilmi tir. Hikayelerdeki bar nma kavram alan yla ilgili s zcükleri g ebe ve yerle ik düzenle ilgili olmas na g re iki grupta ele al nm t r. ncelemenin sonucunda O uzlar n ya am bi imlerine paralel olarak g ebe düzenle ilgili s zcüklerin, yerle ik düzene g re daha ok oldu u g rülmü tür. Tespit edilen s zcüklerde, ad r tipi evlerle ilgili adlar n, s fatlarla olan birliktelik kullan mlar nda renk s fatlar n n a rl kta oldu u belirlenmi tir. Ayr ca ad r tipi evlerin kuruldu u yerlerin anlat m nda da renk bildiren s fatlar s k a kullan lm t r. G ebe düzenle ilgili adlar n fiillerle olan birliktelik kullan mlar nda dik- ve kur- fiilinin yayg n kullan m g ze arpmaktad r, yerle ik düzenle ilgil
Parental Alienation Syndrome
Fuat Torun
Psikiyatride Guncel Yaklasimlar , 2011,
Abstract: Children who have been programmed by one parent to be alienated from the other parent are commonly seen in the context of child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification. It is said to result from a combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent’s indoctrinations and the child’s own contributions to the vilification of the targeted parent. Many evaluators use the term parental alienation syndrome to refer to the disorder engendered in such children. However, there is significant controversy going on about the validity of parental alienation syndrome. The purpose of this article has been to describe and help to differentiate parental alienation syndrome and abuse for mental health professionals working in the field, and discuss the arguments about the validity of this syndrome.
Spontaneous Regression of an Extruded Lumbar Disc Herniation: A Case Report
Journal of Neurological Sciences , 2007,
Abstract: A case of spontaneous regression of an extruded lumbar disc herniation at the L5-S1 level is presented. The regression of the disc herniation was documented on MRI studies. We discuss the possible underlying mechanisms of this process.
Annales Okulu ve Ricoeur'un "Anlat " Ba lam nda Annales Okulu Ele tirisi/// The Annales School and Ricoeur’s Critique of the Annales School Within the Narative Context
Didem Delice
History Studies : International Journal of History , 2011,
Abstract: The Annales School emerged in France as a reaction against traditional writing of history. The School argued against narratives of events and defending an interdisciplianary position emphasized structural analyses. The first section of this paper will present an outline of theses of the School as it has introduced a new conception of writing of history. Ricoeur, has asserted that a recounting of an even in the past is in fact a narration. Just like Ricoeur, the Annales School to challanges many other theories of writing of history. The second section will present an analysis of Ricoeur's critical discourse developed against the Annales School.

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