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Bioequivalence of 150 mg Extended-Release Ketoprofen from Laboratories LETI S.A.V. Test, vs ProfenidBI of Laboratories Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals LTDA, Prolonged Release, Reference, in Healthy Volunteers*  [PDF]
Maria A. Annunziato, Maria Gonzalez Yibirin, Inatti Alfredo, Maria M. Soler
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104366
Objective: To evaluate the bioequivalence between two formulations of ketoprofen after administration of a 150 mg extended release tablet (L.P. ProfenidBI?), 150 mg modified release tablets. Methods: A single-dose cross-over, randomized study was performed under fasting conditions with two treatments, two periods, two sequences (2 × 2) with a 7-day washout period between each dose in 28 healthy volunteers. Subjects were randomly assigned to each of the administration sequences. The pharmacokinetic parameters evaluated were: Cmax, AUC0-t and AUC0-∞. For the bioequivalence analysis, the AUC0-t was calculated from the time of administration to the 12th hour, posology requested for the medication test, by the trapezoidal method; Software: Excel. The means and Confidence Intervals were compared between 80% - 125% for the quotient of Cmax, Tmax, AUC0-t and AUC0-∞. Results: Cmax 8.3529 ± 1.9176 μg/mL vs. 7.7175 ± 2.1751 μg/mL, Tmax 0.75 h vs. 1.25 h, AUC0-12 25.9560 ± 4.9846 μg/mL/hr vs. 24.9015 ± 5.1507 μg/mL/ hr and AUC0-∞ 27.0147 ± 5.1099 μg/mL/hr vs. 25.6400 ± 5.1144 μg/mL/h, respectively. 95% IC: Cmax 106.26% - 107.85%, AUC0-12 101.11% - 101.78% and AUC0-∞ 100.53% - 102.94%. Conclusion: The test formulation Ketoprofen 150 mg LP, manufactured by LETI S.A.V. Laboratories, is bioequivalent with respect to the reference product ProfenidBI 150 mg controlled release tablets, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals LTDA Laboratories, as the Values obtained from AUC and Cmax were maintained in the range of 80% - 125%.
Será o ensino escolar supérfluo no mundo das novas tecnologias?
Jorge, Maria Tereza Soler;
Educa??o & Sociedade , 1998, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-73301998000400006
Abstract: the aim of this essay is to contribute to the discussion on the directions of teaching under the perspective of the resistance to the neoconservative ideas presented by the rules of capitalism under its "globalized" form. it draws a landscape in which the extraordinary potentialities of humanization and socialization of the individual given by the technological and cientific development are set against his growing loneliness and individualism in the social relationships and points to the need of opposing the aims of teaching proposed by the leading ways of thinking in our times - that is, the making of the worker and/as a consumer fit to the new technologies. it confronts this trend in education with a totally opposed view: education as a way of emancipating man.
Será o ensino escolar supérfluo no mundo das novas tecnologias?
Jorge Maria Tereza Soler
Educa??o & Sociedade , 1998,
Abstract: Este ensaio pretende contribuir para a discuss o sobre os rumos do ensino escolar na perspectiva de resistência ao ideário neoconservador colocado pelas regras do capitalismo na sua forma "globalizada". Esbo a um cenário em que as extraordinárias potencialidades de humaniza o e socializa o do indivíduo proporcionadas pelo desenvolvimento técnico-científico se colocam em confronto com sua crescente solid o e individualismo nas rela es sociais e aponta para a necessidade de contraposi o aos objetivos colocados para o ensino pela forma de pensamento hoje hegem nica, isto é, a forma o do trabalhador-consumidor adequado às novas tecnologias. Apresentamos uma vis o oposta a essa tendência: a educa o como meio de emancipar o homem.
Epidemia de dengue en Nicaragua, 1985
Kouri, G.;Valdéz, M.;Arguello, L.;Guzmán, Maria G.;Valdés, L.;Soler, Maritza;Bravo, J.;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 1991, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46651991000500005
Abstract: in the second half of the year 1985, during the rainy season, an epidemic of dengue fever was recognized in nicaragua. a total of 17.483 cases were reported by the health services. the highest morbidity and attack rates were reported between august and november of the same year. regions ii (leon and chinandega), iii (managua) and iv (masaya, granada, carazo y rivas) reported 89% of the cases; these regions are precisely the more densely populated in the country, located in the pacific coast. leon and chinandega were the more affected cities reporting 41% of the cases of the epidemic. sixty seven percent of the cases were adults, 57% were female. the national attack rate was 55.4/10.000 inhab. an intensive campaign for the control of the vector was launched immediately after the epidemic was recognized and by the month of october 1985 morbidity decreased and an endemic situation was established. seven fatal cases were reported in adults. they were considered as dhf/dss cases by a multidisciplinary group of pathologists and clinicians, considering the criteria of who and the experience obtained during the cuban dhf/dss epidemic, in 1981. the outbreak was considered as a classical dengue fever epidemic with 7 fatalities. dengue-1 and-2 were isolated from acute sera and dengue-1 from one of the deads.
Variabilidad longitudinal de la escorrentía y la erosión en una ladera quemada
Soler, M.,Sala, M.
Pirineos : Revista de Ecología de Monta?a , 1995,
Abstract: The objective of this research is to study the variations of the runoff and erosion along a 29o slope in a burnt area. The task has been done in Serra de Prades. Measurements have been undertaken with Gerlach troughs. The variation of the erosion longitudinaly have been analyzed with Gerlach traps. The variation of precipitation and some elements of the relief which can influence runoff and erosion have also been studied. No direct relation has been found between the length of the capture of water and the amount of runoff and sediment collected in the traps. However this relation is positive in the first four metres of the slope. El objetivo de este estudio es observar las variaciones longitudinales de escorrentía y sedimento en una ladera quemada. La instrumentación utilizada se ha basado en los canales gerlach. La variación de precipitación así como algunos elementos del relieve, que pueden influir tanto en la escorrentía como en la erosión, también han sido estudiados. No hay una relación directa entre la longitud del área de captación y el agua y el sedimento recogido en las trampas. No obstante, esta relación es positiva en los cuatro primeros metros de la ladera.
Ramon Llull in his Historical Context
Josep Maria Ruiz,Albert Soler
Catalan Historical Review , 2008,
Abstract: In this article the life, thought and works of the Majorcan writer, philosopher and missionary Ramon Llull (ca. 1232-1316) are presented in the context of his time: politics, academia, spirituality and currents of thought. Llull has often been portrayedas an extravagant, eccentric character but here he emerges as a coherent personality whose actions and work werefully integrated into the world in which he was called upon to live.
El éxito de una red The success of a network
Rafael M Trinchet Soler
ACIMED , 2006,
Exchange and correlation as a functional of the local density of states
Jose M. Soler
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.69.195101
Abstract: A functional $E_{xc}[\rho(\r,\epsilon)]$ is presented, in which the exchange and correlation energy of an electron gas depends on the local density of occupied states. A simple local parametrization scheme is proposed, entirely from first principles, based on the decomposition of the exchange-correlation hole in scattering states of different relative energies. In its practical Kohn-Sham-like form, the single-electron orbitals become the independent variables, and an explicit formula for the functional derivative is obtained.
A Rational Indicator of Scientific Creativity
Jose M. Soler
Physics , 2006,
Abstract: A model is proposed for the creation and transmission of scientific knowledge, based on the network of citations among research articles. The model allows to assign to each article a nonnegative value for its creativity, i. e. its creation of new knowledge. If the entire publication network is truncated to the first neighbors of an article (the n references that it makes and the m citations that it receives), its creativity value becomes a simple function of n and m. After splitting the creativity of each article among its authors, the cumulative creativity of an author is then proposed as an indicator of her or his merit of research. In contrast with other merit indicators, this creativity index yields similar values for the top scientists in two very different areas (life sciences and physics), thus offering good promise for interdisciplinary analyses.
Separating the articles of authors with the same name
Jose M. Soler
Computer Science , 2006,
Abstract: I describe a method to separate the articles of different authors with the same name. It is based on a distance between any two publications, defined in terms of the probability that they would have as many coincidences if they were drawn at random from all published documents. Articles with a given author name are then clustered according to their distance, so that all articles in a cluster belong very likely to the same author. The method has proven very useful in generating groups of papers that are then selected manually. This simplifies considerably citation analysis when the author publication lists are not available.

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