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Study of Efficacy of Various Split Applications of Inorganic Nitrogen on Potato Crop  [PDF]
Choudhary Muhammad Ayyub, Shoaib Ur Reman, Rashad Waseem Khan Qadri, Muhammad Azam, Kareem Yar Abbasi, Zia Ullah Khan, Muhammad Rashid Shaheen, Muhammad Ali, Mujahid Hussain Leghari, Tehmina Asghar
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1104386
Series of experiments have been conducted to find the optimized dose and efficacy of nitrogen to fulfill the requirements of plant at each level by making split doses. Being most important macro nutrient, afield trial was conducted to study the effect of without applying nitrogen (control) single nitrogen (N) application at planting time on yield and nitrogen uptake of potato in comparison to various split applications. Data were collected about plants vegetative growth, total yield and qualitative factors (TSS, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and protein percentage in tuber). Experimental design used was Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) having seven treatments with three replications. Data were analyzed by using standard statistical techniques. Overall, qualitative characters of tubers and yield enhanced with split nitrogen application as compared to all nitrogen applied once at planting time whereas, there was no significant difference between tuber nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and protein contents.
A Computational Quadruple Laplace Transform for the Solution of Partial Differential Equations  [PDF]
Hamood Ur Rehman, Muzammal Iftikhar, Shoaib Saleem, Muhammad Younis, Abdul Mueed
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/am.2014.521314
Abstract: In this paper, we proposed new results in quadruple Laplace transform and proved some properties concerned with quadruple Laplace transform. We also developed some applications based on these results and solved homogeneous as well as non-homogeneous partial differential equations involving four variables. The performance of quadruple Laplace transform is shown to be very encouraging by concrete examples. An elementary table of quadruple Laplace transform is also provided.
Performance Evaluation of Bluetooth andZigbee Using Monte Carlo Simulation
Shoaib Ur Rehman,Obaid Ur Rehman,Zeshan Akbar,Javed Iqbal
International Journal of Computer Science Issues , 2012,
Abstract: Wireless networking technologies are being implemented in quite a few devices including phones, mobiles, mp3 players etc. The performance of these technologies varies from one to another. The aim of this paper is to analyze the performances of two different low power consumption technologies: Bluetooth and Zigbee. The performance parameters include data coding efficiency and transmission rate. For the analysis we used Monte Carlo simulation and conclusion is drawn on the basis of its results to find the optimum performance among Bluetooth and zigbee. A brief analysis of these graphs is presented in the paper and from this analysis. We propose which of these two technologies Bluetooth or Zigbee gives better performance for data transfer. This analysis will help engineers to select proper technology for their applications. The results are carried out by using deterministic and stochastic models for evaluating the performance of Bluetooth and Zigbee in terms of transmission time and data coding efficiency. This paper draws a conclusion that Zigbee is superior at the low rate payload size than the misconception of Bluetooth in practical applications for data transfer, whereas Bluetooth is observed to perform efficiently at the higher end payload size. The simulation results verify that the stochastic model can effectively provide real time traffic with ideal performance. The analysis with random noise and jamming can be challenging future works.
A comprehensive overview of recent advances in drought stress tolerance research in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Rashid Mehmood Rana,Shoaib ur Rehman,Junaid Ahmed,Muhammad Bilal
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology , 2013,
Abstract: Wheat is an important food crop grown worldwide and used as staple food in many countries. Its production is affected by several factors including abiotic stresses and drought is one of the most damaging and frequently occurring abiotic stresses. Several efforts have been made to address and cope with it at morphological, physiological and molecular levels, have been summarized. Different morphological and physiological traits identified through successive efforts include osmotic adjustment, cell membrane stability and stomatal conductance and showed positive correlation with drought tolerance. Some quantitative trait loci have also been discovered in wheat genome on chromosome 4A that showed significant association with this mechanism. Proteomic and gene functional analysis revealed the genes involved in vital biological pathways (e.g., reactive oxygen species scavenging, etc.) and showed significant correlation with drought tolerance. Therefore, the information generated through both the QTLs and gene functional analysis could be utilized to achieve drought tolerance in wheat.
A Stability-Indicating High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Assay for the Simultaneous Determination of Pyridoxine, Ethionamide, and Moxifloxacin in Fixed Dose Combination Tablets
Munib-ur-Rehman,Rabia Ismail Yousuf,Muhammad Harris Shoaib
Chromatography Research International , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/258125
Abstract: Stability indicating reversed phase HPLC method was developed and validated for the simultaneous quantitation of antitubercular drugs, ethionamide (ETH), and moxifloxacin (MOX) with commonly coprescribed vitamin, pyridoxine (PYR) in tablet dosage form. The method was found rapid, precise and accurate. The separation was performed in Hibar 150-4.6, Purospher STAR, RP-18e (5?μm) column, using mobile phase A (0.03?M sodium citrate adjusted to pH 5 with glacial acetic acid) and mobile phase B (100% methanol), ran at variable proportions at flow rate of 1.0?mL/min. The detection was carried out at 320?nm. The method was observed linearly in the range of 2.5–17.5?μg/mL for PYR, 25–175?μg/mL for ETH, and 40–280?μg/mL for MOX with respective limits of detection/quantitation of 0.125?μg/mL/1.28?μg/mL, 0.25?μg/mL/2.56?μg/mL, and 0.35?μg/mL/3.65?μg/mL. The drugs were also subjected to oxidative, hydrolytic, photolytic, and thermal degradation; the degradation products showed interference with the detection of PYR, ETH, and MOX. The proposed method was observed to be effective to quantitate MOX (400?mg), ETH (250?mg), and PYR (25?mg) in fixed dose combination tablet formulation. 1. Introduction Moxifloxacin is a fluoroquinolones antibacterial agent having potent activity against M. tuberculosis, including MDR strains in 400?mg daily dose. Ethionamide is a traditional second line therapy drug for the treatment of tuberculosis in 250–1000?mg daily dose to avoid rapid development of resistance [1–6]. In order to reduce the problems associated with peripheral neuropathy caused by daily high dose of ethionamide therapy, pyridoxine dose ranging from 2.5 to 25?mg is usually added typically along with the above mentioned therapies [7]. In present work, a fixed dose combination of moxifloxacin 400?mg, ethionamide 250?mg, and pyridoxine 25?mg was designed to reduce the duration and neurologic side effects associated with antitubercular therapy (Figure 1) [8, 9]. Figure 1: Chemical structures of (1) pyridoxine, (2) ethionamide, (3) moxifloxacin, and (4) ciprofloxacin. The literature [8–21] and official monographs of BP [16] and USP [17] present spectrophotometric and HPLC methods for the individual quantitative determination of PYR, ETH, and MOX from the bulk and dosage forms. Therefore, in this study, a rapid, precise, and accurate reversed phase HPLC method was developed and validated for the simultaneous estimation of these drugs. But there is no stability indicating HPLC method available for the determination of these drugs. A drug and drug product is regarded as stable
Assessing The Performance Bounds Of Local Feature Detectors: Taking Inspiration From Electronics Design Practices
Shoaib Ehsan,Adrian F. Clark,Bruno Ferrarini,Naveed Ur Rehman,Klaus D. McDonald-Maier
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Since local feature detection has been one of the most active research areas in computer vision, a large number of detectors have been proposed. This has rendered the task of characterizing the performance of various feature detection methods an important issue in vision research. Inspired by the good practices of electronic system design, a generic framework based on the improved repeatability measure is presented in this paper that allows assessment of the upper and lower bounds of detector performance in an effort to design more reliable and effective vision systems. This framework is then employed to establish operating and guarantee regions for several state-of-the art detectors for JPEG compression and uniform light changes. The results are obtained using a newly acquired, large image database (15092 images) with 539 different scenes. These results provide new insights into the behavior of detectors and are also useful from the vision systems design perspective.
Performance Characterization of Image Feature Detectors in Relation to the Scene Content Utilizing a Large Image Database
Bruno Ferrarini,Shoaib Ehsan,Naveed Ur Rehman,Klaus D. McDonald-Maier
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Selecting the most suitable local invariant feature detector for a particular application has rendered the task of evaluating feature detectors a critical issue in vision research. No state-of-the-art image feature detector works satisfactorily under all types of image transformations. Although the literature offers a variety of comparison works focusing on performance evaluation of image feature detectors under several types of image transformation, the influence of the scene content on the performance of local feature detectors has received little attention so far. This paper aims to bridge this gap with a new framework for determining the type of scenes, which maximize and minimize the performance of detectors in terms of repeatability rate. Several state-of-the-art feature detectors have been assessed utilizing a large database of 12936 images generated by applying uniform light and blur changes to 539 scenes captured from the real world. The results obtained provide new insights into the behaviour of feature detectors.
Integral Images: Efficient Algorithms for Their Computation and Storage in Resource-Constrained Embedded Vision Systems
Shoaib Ehsan,Adrian F. Clark,Naveed ur Rehman,Klaus D. McDonald-Maier
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: The integral image, an intermediate image representation, has found extensive use in multi-scale local feature detection algorithms, such as Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF), allowing fast computation of rectangular features at constant speed, independent of filter size. For resource-constrained real-time embedded vision systems, computation and storage of integral image presents several design challenges due to strict timing and hardware limitations. Although calculation of the integral image only consists of simple addition operations, the total number of operations is large owing to the generally large size of image data. Recursive equations allow substantial decrease in the number of operations but require calculation in a serial fashion. This paper presents two new hardware algorithms that are based on the decomposition of these recursive equations, allowing calculation of up to four integral image values in a row-parallel way without significantly increasing the number of operations. An efficient design strategy is also proposed for a parallel integral image computation unit to reduce the size of the required internal memory (nearly 35% for common HD video). Addressing the storage problem of integral image in embedded vision systems, the paper presents two algorithms which allow substantial decrease (at least 44.44%) in the memory requirements. Finally, the paper provides a case study that highlights the utility of the proposed architectures in embedded vision systems.
Angular Momentum Imparted To Test Particles by Gravitational Waves
Muhammad Shoaib
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: What are gravitational waves? How do they propagate? and what is their energy content? These questions are addressed in the first two chapters. In the third chapter the pseudo-Newtonian formalism and its extension is reviewed in general and the formula for the momentum imparted to test particles in arbitrary spacetimes is reviewed in particular. In chapter four the analysis of a paper claiming to determine the spin for gravitational waves is given, and compared with the spin given by a geodesic analysis. It is demonstrated that the other claim is inconsistent. Finally in chapter five a summary of the work is given with the conclusion.
Many Body Symmetrical Dynamical Systems
Muhammad Shoaib
Physics , 2007,
Abstract: We investigate the stability of few body symmetrical dynamical systems which include four and five body symmetrical dynamical systems. Research presented in this thesis includes the following original investigations: determination of some analytical solutions of the four body problem; stability analysis of the near symmetric coplanar CSFBP ; derivation of the analytical stability criterion valid for all time for a special symmetric configuration of the general five-body problem, the CS5BP, which exhibits many of the salient characteristics of the general five body problem; numerical investigation of the hierarchical stability of the CS5BP and derivation of the stability criterion for the CSNBP.

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