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Feed-through cancellation of a MEMS filter using the difference method and analysis of the induced notch

Han Guowei,Si Chaowei,Ning Jin,Zhong Weiwei,Sun Guosheng,Zhao Yongmei,Yang Fuhua,<br>韩国威,司朝伟,宁瑾,钟卫威,孙国胜,赵永梅,杨富华
半导体学报 , 2013,
Abstract: This paper presents and analyzes a notch observed in MEMS (micro electric mechanical system) filter characterization using the difference method. The difference method takes advantage of the cancellation of parasitic feed-through, which could potentially obscure the relatively small motional signal and lead to failure in characterization of the MEMS components. In this paper, typical clamped-clamped beam MEMS filters are fabricated and characterized with the difference method. Using the difference method a better performance is obtained but a notch is induced as a potential problem. Analysis is performed and reveals the mismatch of the two differential excitation signals in measurement circuit contributes to the notch. The relevant circuit design rule is also proposed to avoid the notch in the difference method.
Translating Western Concepts by Creating New Characters:A Comparison of Japanese and Chinese Attempts

Shen Guowei,<br>沈国威
浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2010,
Abstract: Chinese characters are considered as an adaptable system,open to expansion and revision . Throughout history,the creation of new characters was one of the most important solutions toenlargements of theconceptual repertoire .Both scholars of″D utch Learning″in Japan and missionaries active in nineteenth-century China used Chinese characters in their translations of western concepts . From a methodological point of view,Japanese scholars mostly coined compound words rendering the literal meanings of their terms of departure while translators in China,invigorated by the success of the new characters devised for chemical elements,believed that drafting new characters was more in line with the characteristics of the Chinese language . However,notwithstanding the painstaking efforts with which they were created,the new characters proposed by missionaries were eventually replaced by compound terms first used in Japanese adaptations . This paper examines the different practices and attitudes of Chinese and Japanese authors toward thecreation of newcharacters as a method of translation .Analyzing the influence of their divergent approaches on the lexical systems of their respective languages,since Chinese has a very limited number of phonetic patterns,I conclude that it is impossible to create viable technical terminologies only by increasing new characters .
Rolling and Sliding of a Sharp-Edged Hard Wheel on Metal Surfaces

Zhang Guowei,<br>Howes,VR 张国威
摩擦学学报 , 1994,
Abstract: 在工程应用的很多摩擦对偶中,往往有一方是锐形的,因此,研究锐形滑块的滚动与滑动具有重要的实用意义。以锐缘硬质轮在挤压铝和软钢两种平面试样表面的滚动和滑动为研究对象,考察了两种摩擦过程中材料的受力状况和变形状况,结果表明,要在同种金属试样表面造成相同宽度的槽痕,滚动法所需要的垂直负荷比滑动法所需要的大,然而滚动法所需要的切向牵引力却比滑动法所需要的小.对两种摩擦过程中界面上的应力与材料的强度性能之关系的分析讨论指出,滚动试验中接触界面上的正应力相应于变形材料的屈服应力,因而滚动试验可以作为材料硬度的一种测量方法;滑动试验中接触界面上的剪应力相应于变形材料的流动剪应力;但滚动试验中界面剪应力与材料的流动剪应力之间,以及滑动试验中界面正应力与材料的屈服应力之间却都没有直线关系.
Altimetry-observed semi-annual cycle in the South China Sea: Real signal or alias of K1 tidal error?
HAN Guo-qi,<br>韩国
热带海洋学报 , 2009,
Abstract: There have been a number of applications of satellite altimetry to seasonal and interannual sea level variability in the South China Sea. However, these applications usually exclude shallow waters along the coast, with one of the concerns being large aliased tide-correction error. In this study the authors analyzed 14 years of merged satellite altimeter data to obtain the amplitude and phase of the semi-annual cycle and to examine the variation at the K1 alias frequency (close to the semi-annual frequency). The results indicate that the amplitude of the semi-annual cycle ranges from 3-7 cm, substantial compared with that of the annual cycle; while the amplitude at the K1 alias frequency (error of the K1 tidal correction) is essentially 1 cm only. Altimeter–derived semi-annual cycle is in good agreement with that from independent tide-gauge observations, pointing to the competent ability of satellite altimetry in observing semi-annual sea level variations in the South China Sea.
A MCA model for molecular diffusion in turbulent reactive flows

Zhang Zifan He Guowei,<br>张子范,国威
力学学报 , 2004,
Abstract: In the PDF approach of turbulent reactive flows,the convection and reaction terms are closed but the molecular diffusuion term is unclosed.The currently existing models for the molecular diffusion are either empirical or introduced via external parameters,and it has been verified that they are not valid for such physical processes as the diffusion process.In this paper,a stochastically mapping approximation approach is developed to model the effect of molecular diffusion.A length scale is introduced by a two-point joint probability density function,to account for the evolutions of the conditional diffusion.Numerical simulation shows that the approach is able to predict the evolution of the variances,dissipation rates,conditional diffusion and PDFs in the diffusion process.
A Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Basedon Adaptive Search Range for H.264

LI Xiang,WU Guo wei,<br>李翔,国威
中国图象图形学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Block matching motion estimation (BMME) plays a very important role in video coding. The performance of BMME greatly affects the quality of the encoded bit stream. Full Search (FS) is the optimal algorithm for BMME. But the tremendous computation payload of it is unaffordable for practical applications, especially for real time applications. To overcome this problem, a lot of fast algorithms were developed. In this paper, a novel fast motion estimation algorithm designed for the new video coding standard H.264/MPEG 4 AVC is proposed. Based on an adaptive search range, the proposed algorithm makes use of the statistical characteristics between successive frames and the spatial and temporal correlations among the motion vectors of adjacent blocks to speed the process of motion estimation while maintaining the PSNR with no loss. The simulation results show that the algorithm is able to fit for all types of video sequences adaptively in spite of the degree of the motions. Compared with other algorithms, it is more than 280 times faster than FS (Full Search) and more than 1.8 times faster than 3SS (3 Steps Search) in average with no PSNR loss. And it is a better one than the traditional fast motion estimation algorithms, such as N3SS (New 3 Steps Search) and 4SS (4 Steps Search).
科学通报 , 1994,
Abstract: 低维动力系统的混沌只涉及时间复杂性,难以讨论空间图案,而连续介质力学模型都具有时空结构.耦合映射(CML)作为模拟时空图案的简洁模型,已经受到广泛的重视,因为由此发展起来的时空混沌理论有可能用于解释湍流的机理.
科学通报 , 1994,
Abstract: 低维动力系统的混沌只涉及时间复杂性,难以讨论空间图案,而连续介质力学模型都具有时空结构.耦合映射(CML)作为模拟时空图案的简洁模型,已经受到广泛的重视,因为由此发展起来的时空混沌理论有可能用于解释湍流的机理.
力学进展 , 2008, DOI: 10.6052/1000-0992-2008-2-J2008-040
兵工学报 , 1982,
Abstract: ?本文用一种双平面法布里一珀罗干涉仪进行选频、滤波和调谐的窄带脉冲染料激光系统。以一功率为400千瓦、脉宽约为5毫微秒的氮分子激光器作为泵浦源,染料为若丹明6G或若丹明B。激光系统包括一个放大器,放大后中心波长附近的激光输出功率约为10千瓦,谱线宽度在一定范围内可以选择,最小约达1.00兆赫。由于采用折射率高的氟里昂气体进行气压调谐,调谐范围可达550千兆赫。并用KD*P晶体获得了倍频输出~300毫微米左右的紫外光。

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