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Multi-Objective Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch with Considering Load Uncertainty

瑞勋, 嘉庆
Transmission and Distribution Engineering and Technology (TDET) , 2013, DOI: 10.12677/TDET.2013.24012
Abstract: 由于传统的最佳虚功率调度都是将负载需求假设为已知的固定值,以求得负载在确定状态下的最佳解,但实际的负载需求含有不确定性。为了使调度结果更适用于实际情形,本文探讨考虑负载不确定性的多目标最佳虚功率调度问题。此外,本文提出以增强型萤火虫演算法(Enhanced Firefly Algorithm, EFA)应用于此问题,增强型萤火虫演算法是将原萤火虫演算法的更新式作改良且修改参数并加入突变机制,以增强演算法的开采与搜索能力,并加快收敛速度且不易陷入局部解。另外,本文使用模糊理论建立模糊归属函数,以解决多目标不同性质及目标函数“越小越好”这种不明确语意的问题。为了验证本文所使用的方法对于考虑负载不确定性的多目标最佳虚功率调度问题的有效性,本文使用IEEE57-Bus系统作为测试系统,并与其它演算法作比较。实验结果证实本文所提出的方法确实可以获得较好的结果。
 In traditional optimal reactive power dispatch problem, the optimal solution is found under the condition that the load demands are assumed to be known and fixed, but the practical load demands have uncertainty. This paper investigates the multi-objective optimal reactive power dispatch with considering load uncertainty to make the dispatch results more suitable for real situation. In this paper, an enhanced firefly algorithm is presented to solve the problem. Enhanced firefly algorithm is based on firefly algorithm that the update formula and parameters are modified and the mutation strategy is utilized to enhance the capabilities of exploring and searching. So the proposed algorithm can converge fast and the solution can avoid trapping in local minimum. Furthermore, in order to deal with the multi-objective problem and the ambiguous linguistic expression such as “as little as possible”, the fuzzy theory is employed to establish the fuzzy membership functions. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method for solving multi-objective optimal reactive power dispatch with considering load uncertainty problem, the IEEE 57-Bus system has been applied to the reactive power dispatching and the results of the proposed method are compared with those of other algorithms. The results show that the proposed method can get better solution.

地质与勘探 , 2015,
Abstract: 后石花金矿是华北克拉通北缘一小型石英脉型金矿床。对矿体5件辉钼矿样品的Re-Os同位素分析,获得了介于280.3±3.8~283.0±3.9Ma,加权平均为282.0±1.8Ma(MSWD=0.28)的同位素模式年龄,以及一个相关性很好的等时线年龄281.9±1.8Ma(MSWD=0.57),表明矿床形成于早二叠世,推测是海西晚期古亚洲洋俯冲体制下陆缘弧背景中构造-热液成矿事件产物。综合区域资料认为,华北北缘中段在海西晚期曾发生过重要成矿作用,但多在后期被剥蚀破坏。华北北缘中段大陆弧范围内,叠加在前寒武纪结晶基底韧性剪切带之上的脆性断裂构造带,以及华北北缘早古生代增生带内部,是形成海西晚期金、钼矿床的有利部位。
Old Rupture of Achilles Tendon Supported by Calcaneal Bone Tunnel Fixation: A Case Report

学振, 少山
Asian Case Reports in Surgery (ACRS) , 2014, DOI: 10.12677/ACRS.2014.31001
Old rupture of Achilles tendon is a kind of common athletic injuries and usually prefers surgical treatment. The author reported a 43-year-old male patient with fall-induced left heel pain for more than 9 months. At the admission to hospital, the patient was evaluated with stable vital signs, mild swelling at left heel, pressing pain (+), Thompson test (±), heel raising (±) and good arteriopalmus of foot. After the well surgical preparation, the left old rapture of Achilles tendon was sutured by titanium Krachow method, supported by Calcaneal bone tunnel fixation. The operation was finished successfully. After the operation, the patient was offered with long-leg tubular plaster, regular dressing change and mentoring functional rehabilitation. Suture reaction was observed during the early stage. The half-year follow-up visit reported good Arner-lindholm assessment without complications like palindromic rapture, deep venous thrombosis of legs and deep infection.
Application Effect of Feeding Grazing Sheep with Compound Premix

, 张文举,
Hans Journal of Agricultural Sciences (HJAS) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/HJAS.2015.52009
本研究旨在验证放牧绵羊补饲复合预混料的应用效果,研究选取10月龄新疆细毛羊36只,按补饲情况将绵羊分为三个不同处理组,分为对照组、试验组1、试验组2,每日补饲量分别为0、500 g、500 g,补饲复合预混料为0%、0%、2%,分别于正饲期20天和40天进行称重,记录增重,于45天时进行采血,分离保留血清,测定血液指标,并选取绵羊进行屠宰,记录屠宰指标。实验结果表明,补饲复合预混料增重效果明显,试验组2比对照组增重13.41%,差异显著(P < 0.05)试验2组与试验1组相比,差异极显著(P < 0.01),试验2组比试验1组增重提高1倍;屠宰后,胴体重明显有升高趋势,对照组、试验组1与试验组2显著(P < 0.05),试验组血蛋白含量高于对照组,试验组1与对照组对比血钙含量差异极显著(P < 0.05),试验组2与对照组对比血钙含量差异极显著(P < 0.05),试验组2与试验组1差异极显著(P < 0.01);血磷含量对照组与试验组1相对比差异不显著(P > 0.05);对照组与试验组2对比差异极显著(P < 0.01);试验组1与试验组2对比差异显著(P < 0.05);对照组血糖浓度较试验组1和试验组2均为差异极显著(P < 0.01);试验组1和试验组2对比差异显著(0.01 < P < 0.05);对比发现IGg对照组与试验组1差异不显著(P > 0.05),对照组与试验组2相比较差异显著(P < 0.05),研究结果表明补饲复合预混料能够改善放牧绵羊生产性能和提高其免疫性能。
This study aimed to verify the effect of feeding premix application on grazing sheep so we selected 36 10-month-old Xinjiang fine-wool sheep. Through feeding situation the sheep were divided into three different treatment groups including the control group, the test group 1 and the test group 2. Daily feeding amount was 0 g, 500 g, 500 g and feeding premix was 0%, 0%, 2%. The sheep were weighed at regular feeding time, namely the 20th day and 40th day and weight gains were recorded. Blood samples were collected at the 45th day, serum was separated and retained and blood parameters were determined. And we selected the sheep to be slaughtered and recorded slaughter index. Experimental results showed that the effect of supplement premix on weight gain was obvious, the weight gain of test group 2 was 13.41% higher than of control group and this was sig-nificantly different (P < 0.05), and through test group 2 compared with test group 1, the difference was significant (P < 0.01) and weight gain of test group 2 was increased by 1 than test group 1. And after slaughtered, the sheep’s carcass weight tended to increase significantly and that of control group, test group 1 and test group 2 was significantly different (P < 0.05). Blood protein content of two test groups was higher than control group and by a comparison of the content of blood calcium between test group 1 and control group the difference was significant (P < 0.05). By a comparison of the content of blood calcium between test group 2 and control group the difference was significant (P < 0.05) and by a comparison of the content of blood calcium between two test groups the difference was significant (P < 0.01). By a comparison of the content of hyperphosphatemia between test group 1 and control group the difference was
Empirical Exploration on Mining Information in Final Financial Report of Universities: The Case of University A

晓华, 刘辉,
Frontiers of International Accounting (FIA) , 2015, DOI: 10.12677/FIA.2015.42002
Referencing the analyzing method of the final accounting report of University of Illinois, a statistical index framework suitable for China’s University to mine the information is put forward. Mining information from multi-dimensions including staffs cost, administration and operation cost, teach- ing services and disciplines construction expenditures. And we use the indexes to analyze financial information of University A empirically. The study aims at providing a tool to mine information in final accounting report from China’s University exploring the running cost of the universities, and assisting to improve the quality of financial management of the universities.

微生物学通报 , 1981,
Abstract: 缺陷干扰病毒(defective interfering virus,简称DI病毒)是一类基因删失突变株,它们存在于多种动物病毒制剂中,可干扰产生DI病毒的正常病毒的复制及生长。 缺陷干扰病毒的发现 1951年von Magnus在进行未稀释的流感病毒连续传代时发现,所产生的病毒感染性与血凝集作用的比率减少。这被称为von Magnus现象。进一步试

微生物学通报 , 1986,
Abstract: 血凝素是流感病毒的主要表面抗原之一,它有二种重要的作用:(1)流感病毒依靠血凝素结合在靶细胞含唾液酸的受体上;(2)血凝素参与膜融合过程,使病毒核衣壳进入细胞质

科学通报 , 1994,
Abstract: 剑鞘褶皱(sheath fold)由Carreras研究比利牛斯海西期褶皱带中提出之后,一直作为深层次韧性剪切带鉴别标志(之一)而被世界所公认.最近国际上也只是在深层次变质岩中见到有关这类的构造现象.我国东南在浅层脆性构造域的二叠系煤系地层中,见到由重力作用的滑覆剪切形成的非常典型的剑鞘褶皱.

科学通报 , 1956,
Abstract: 黄土的成因与黄河河道发育都是久经中外地质学者与地形学者探讨而仍悬而未决的问题。解放以来,为了改造黄河、综合利用黄河流域的富源,曾有广大的科学队伍踏遍了黄河流域,深入到黄土高原的各个角落。同样的问题也都不只一次地引起他们的注意与思考。今天把这两个问题重新提到我们研究日程上来,无论对于许多理论问题以及实际问题的解决都具有十分重要的意义。张伯声先生把他多年来在黄河流域黄土最发育的地区的丰富工作经验加以总结,提出了关于这两个问题的新的解释,为今后进一步的研究工作指出一个新的方向,这是值得我们热烈欢迎的。
冰川冻土 , 2009,
Abstract: EO-1Hyperion是为接替Landsat7而研制的一新型地球观测卫星,也是一颗实验性的高光谱星载卫星。Hyperion影像具有高光谱分辨率的特点,同时该传感器在波段的辐射定标参数、影像的坏线和条带、以及光谱的Smile效应等处理方面有待改进。本文针对黑河上游祁连山区的Hyperion影像进行了DN值分析、DN值转换辐亮度值、影像条带去除和坏线替换、光谱Smile效应校正、以及经MODTRAN辐射传输的大气订正等处理,获得了高光谱分辨率的雪反射率的反演图像,为雪盖面积的提取、雪粒径和雪反照率的反演等后续工作提供了基础图像。

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