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The center of topologically primitive exponentially galbed algebras
Mart Abel,Mati Abel
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2006, DOI: 10.1155/ijmms/2006/19697
Abstract: Let A be a unital sequentially complete topologically primitive exponentially galbed Hausdorff algebra over ℂ, in which all elements are bounded. It is shown that the center of A is topologically isomorphic to ℂ.
Box dimension, oscillation and smoothness in function spaces
Abel Carvalho
Journal of Function Spaces and Applications , 2005, DOI: 10.1155/2005/405979
Abstract: The aim of this paper is twofold. First we relate upper and lower box dimensions with oscillation spaces, and we develop embeddings or inclusions between oscillation spaces and Besov spaces. Secondly, given a point in the (1p, s)-plane we determine maximal and minimal values for the upper box dimension (also the maximal value for lower box dimension) for the graphs of continuous real functions with a compact support, represented by this point.
Seminario sobre Evaluación de la Producción Científica: Informe final
ACIMED , 2001,
Abstract: it describes the aims and program of the scientific literature evaluation seminar, organized by the scielo project, on march 4-6, 1998. it includes a summary of the presented lectures, as well as the results and conclusions of the event.
International Law , 2011,
Abstract: the european integration has faced severe difficulties, which have not allowed, so far, the achievement of a higher level of interpenetration of the intervenient states. it occurs, in that phenomenon, a "structural" ambivalence, conducting to a limited de facto integration; and this, due to the essential lack of an "emotional integration" (inexistence of an "emotional community identity"), which leads, in the end, to the weakness of a political society without people. "enhanced cooperation" is a mechanism that intends to give a new impulse to european life. but (and apart from the question of knowing which will be its real impact), are we dealing with a juridical-political expedient still comprised in the feld of integration or is it already located outside that frame? enhanced cooperation represents in fact an attempt to counterbalance the problem of the existence of diverse (sometimes, even quite diverse) interests and attitudes of the member states of the european union, formally consecrating the possibility of "spaces" of diversity in the midst of the european community phenomenon. but doesn't integration consist essentially in uniformity? or is it that the lack of uniformity this way allowed, still fits in the concept of "integration", thus not meaning a resignation to this very model of relationship among states?
Apuntes sobre una representación social de la adolescencia en los editoriales del diario La Nación
Subjetividad y procesos cognitivos , 2012,
Abstract: the concept of social representation, despite issues yet to solve, expresses a perspective that overcomes classic dichotomies in social psychology: individual/society, nature/ culture and knowledge acquisition as personal production or social imposition. the present contribution addresses the social construction of the representation of urban teens of the beginning of the century in complex intertwinement of youth-impulsivityalcoholism, in editorials of a newspaper in buenos aires. these secondary sources are appropriate to track these and other representations, as mass media dissemination and outreach are undisputed as well as their ability to set a public agenda that gathers concerns of a particular community and that emphasizes them through constant feedback.
Comités de ética asistencial
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1137-66272006000600008
Abstract: the author, who in 1976 started the first healthcare ethics committees in spain, analyses the advantages of being able to count, from the outset, on a moral community of strongly motivated health professionals at a public, university, maternal-infant hospital of reference, privately managed by the order of san juan de dios. from his perspective, he considers that the evolution of these committees shows patterns of similar conflicts in overcoming the ethical-philosophical conflicts of scientific and ethical-religious reductionisms. he considers that only interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary dialogue makes it possible, in our plural society, to find -through deliberation- the best route for solving ethical conflicts respecting the dignity of the patients and the health professionals. he opted for an autonomous ethics in a context of faith. he considers it to be an error to replace interdisciplinary dialogue within the hospital with consulting groups or persons specialising in professional ethics, the self-denominated "bioethical consultants", whether they be doctors or lawyers. he is very critical of the widespread error of confusing criteria of positive evaluation of the "joint commission" with criteria of careful deliberation, and he schematises models for analysing problems and placing them in context.
Property Market Nature and the Choice of Property Portfolio Diversification Strategies: The Nigeria Experience
Abel Olaleye
International Journal of Strategic Property Management , 2008, DOI: 10.3846/1648-715X.2008.12.35-51
Abstract: With a focus on the Nigerian property market, this paper considered and empirically analyzed how property market nature and the perception of market players of some qualitative factors have impacted on choice of property portfolio diversification strategies. Questionnaires, backed up with interviews, were administered on 28 institutional property investors and 159 real estate practitioners in three commercial nerve centres of Nigeria, namely, Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt metropolitan areas. The frequency distribution analyses' results revealed that the Nigerian property market was an emerging one and, as it is expected, there was dearth of time series data while investors in the market were small time institutional investors. Using mean rating on a 4-point rating scale, the study found six factors, arising from the nature of the property market, as the significant factors impacting on choice of diversification strategies. These are: the investors' overall expectation of the benefits of diversification scheme, the need to reduce management operating costs, management convenience, operating environment, market players' education and knowledge of alternative diversification techniques and availability or otherwise of data in the market. The result of cross tabulation and Chi-square test also indicated that there was a statistically significant relationship between educational qualifications of practitioners and their choice of diversification strategies.
Die Buffel Struikel: n Storie van 32 Bataljon en sy mense
Abel Esterhuyse
Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies , 2007,
Abstract: L.J. Bothma Bloemfontein: Handisa, 2006 383 pages Maps (6) and Photos ISBN – 10: 0620372966; 13: 9780620372961 Price unknown Scientia Militaria, South African Journal of Military Studies, Vol 35, Nr 1, 2007
Educating for Professionalism: a new military for a new South Africa
Abel Esterhuyse
Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies , 2006,
Abstract: This article explores the role of education in professionalising the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) since 1994. The central thesis is that military education, training and development played a major role in bringing the pre-1994 belligerent forces in South Africa together and blending them into a single, coherent, bureaucratised defence force. There is, however, reason for serious concern. The article first outlines the specific need for education in the SANDF since 1994. The second part provides an overview of the educational institutions in the SANDF, their programmes and the nature of education, training and development that are provided. The final section discusses the most salient factors that have influenced education in the SANDF over the last decade. Specific emphasis is placed on the lack of suitably qualified academic staff, the difficulty of educating soldiers in a second or third language, the lack of research and the presence of an institutional climate of anti-intellectualism. Scientia Militaria, South African Journal of Military Studies, Vol 34, Nr 2, 2006
Les pratiques de terrain en situation de tensions sociales et de guerre civile au Congo-Brazzaville
Abel Kouvouama
SociologieS , 2011,
Abstract: évoquer mes pratiques de terrain en situation de tensions sociales et de guerre civile au Congo-Brazzaville suppose un véritable travail critique sur le présent d’une société qui est à la fois ce monde social renfermant une pluralité des microcosmes sociaux et le champ de mes expériences de vie, d’action et de réflexion. J’ai été tenté – comme si cela allait de soi – de recourir à la méthode d’observation participante par immersion dans l’univers social où l’on est à la fois sujet et objet. J’avais conscience de cette double contrainte épistémologique et sociale dans la démarche réflexive et critique de socio-anthropologue selon laquelle le terrain d’objectivation participante est également celui de l’expérimentation sociale. Dans un premier temps, les recherches et enquêtes de terrain ont été menées, de 1990 à 1994, sur les mouvements associatifs religieux et la cs d'entraide sociale dans la société urbaine brazzavilloise (Congo) . Dans un second temps, de 1995 à 1998, les recherches ont été effectuées sur le mouvement matsouaniste dans le contexte paradoxal, du processus de démocratisation et de guerres civiles, en partenariat au sein d’une équipe de l’ORSTOM et du CNRS, sur le thème Citadins et religions à Brazzaville . Cette construction scientifique du rapport au temps historique et la recherche sous tension en terrain miné m’ont permis d’une part, de comprendrece que travailler veut dire sur le présent et le quotidien dans des temporalités guerrières ; d’autre part, de voir également comment se sont construites les identités individuelles et collectives à travers différents processus de décomposition et de recomposition des situations urbaines. Field practices in a situation of social tension and civil war in Congo-BrazzavilleReferring to my own field practices in a situation of social tension and civil war in Congo-Brazzaville entails a genuine critical examination of a society which is at the same time a social world made up of a plurality of social microcosms and the field of my experiences of life, action and thinking. I was tempted – as if this could be taken for granted – to adopt the participative observation method through immersion in the social world in which one is both subject and object. I was aware of the double epistemological and social constraint in the reflective and critical approach of a socio-anthropologist according to which the field of participative objectivation is also that of social experimentation. In the first phase, research and fieldwork were carried out from 1990 to 1994 on religious and non-religious mutu

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