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Extraction of Arabic Handwriting Fields by Forms Matching  [PDF]
Ameur Bensefia
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2015.61001
Abstract: Filling forms is one of the most useful and powerful ways to collect information from people in business, education and many other domains. Nowadays, almost everything is computerized. That creates a curtail need for extracting these handwritings from the forms in order to get them into the computer systems and databases. In this paper, we propose an original method that will extract handwritings from two types of forms; bank and administrative form. Our system will take as input any of the two forms already filled. And according to some statistical measures our system will identify the form. The second step is to subtract the filled form from a previously inserted empty form. In order to make the acting easier and faster a Fourier-Melin transform was used to re-orient the forms correctly. This method has been evaluated with 50 handwriting forms (from both types Bank and University) and the results were approximatively 90%.
Taxpayers Fraudulent Behavior Modeling The Use of Datamining in Fiscal Fraud Detecting Moroccan Case  [PDF]
Farid Ameur, Mohamed Tkiouat
Applied Mathematics (AM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/am.2012.310176
Abstract: The fraudulent behavior of taxpayers impacts negatively the resources available to finance public services. It creates distortions of competition and inequality, harming honest taxpayers. Such behavior requires the government intervention to bring order and establish a fiscal justice. This study emphasizes the determination of the interactions linking taxpayers with tax authorities. We try to see how fiscal audit can influence taxpayers’ fraudulent behavior. First of all, we present a theoretical study of a model pre established by other authors. We have released some conditions of this model and we have introduced a new parameter reflecting the efficiency of tax control; we found that the efficiency of a fiscal control have an important effect on these interactions. Basing on the fact that the detection of fraudulent taxpayers is the most difficult step in fiscal control, We established a new approach using DATA MINING process in order to improve fiscal control efficiency. We found results that reflect fairly the conduct of taxpayers that we have tested based on actual statistics. The results are reliable.
A Proposed Layered Architecture to Maintain Privacy Issues in Electronic Medical Records  [PDF]
Ameur Bensefia, Anis Zarrad
E-Health Telecommunication Systems and Networks (ETSN) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/etsn.2014.34006
Abstract: Securing large amounts of electronic medical records stored in different forms and in many locations, while making availability to authorized users is considered as a great challenge. Maintaining protection and privacy of personal information is a strong motivation in the development of security policies. It is critical for health care organizations to access, analyze, and ensure security policies to meet the challenge and to develop the necessary policies to ensure the security of medical information. The problem, then, is how we can maintain the availability of the electronic medical records and at the same time maintain the privacy of patients’ information. This paper will propose a novel architecture model for the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), in which useful statistical medical records will be available to the interested parties while maintaining the privacy of patients’ information.
A new proof of Donoghue's interpolation theorem
Yacin Ameur
Journal of Function Spaces and Applications , 2004, DOI: 10.1155/2004/814683
Abstract: We give a new proof and new interpretation of Donoghue's interpolation theorem; for an intermediate Hilbert space H∗ to be exact interpolation with respect to a regular Hilbert couple H¯ it is necessary and sufficient that the norm in H∗ be representable in the form ‖f‖∗=(∫[0,∞](1
Self-adjointness and boundedness in quadratic quantization
Ameur Dhahri
Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.1063/1.4878497
Abstract: We construct a counter example showing, for the quadratic quantization, the identity $(\Gamma(T))^*= \Gamma(T^*)$ is not necessarily true. We characterize all operators on the one-particle algebra whose quadratic quantization are self-adjoint operators on the quadratic Fock space. Finally, we discuss the boundedness of the quadratic quantization.
A density theorem for weighted Fekete sets
Yacin Ameur
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We prove a result concerning the spreading of weighted Fekete points in the plane.
Repeated quantum interactions Quantum Langevin equation and the low density limit
Ameur Dhahri
Mathematics , 2008,
Abstract: We consider a repeated quantum interaction model describing a small system $\Hh_S$ in interaction with each one of the identical copies of the chain $\bigotimes_{\N^*}\C^{n+1}$, modeling a heat bath, one after another during the same short time intervals $[0,h]$. We suppose that the repeated quantum interaction Hamiltonian is split in two parts: a free part and an interaction part with time scale of order $h$. After giving the GNS representation, we establish the relation between the time scale $h$ and the classical low density limit. We introduce a chemical potential $\mu$ related to the time $h$ as follows: $h^2=e^{\beta\mu}$. We further prove that the solution of the associated discrete evolution equation converges strongly, when $h$ tends to 0, to the unitary solution of a quantum Langevin equation directed by Poisson processes.
A Lindblad model for a spin chain coupled to heat baths
Ameur Dhahri
Mathematics , 2008, DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/41/27/275305
Abstract: We study a XY model which consists of a spin chain coupled to heat baths. We give a repeated quantum interaction Hamiltonian describing this model. We compute the explicit form of the associated Lindblad generator in the case of the spin chain coupled to one, two and several heat baths. We further study the properties of quantum master equation such as approach to equilibrium, local equilibrium states, entropy production and quantum detailed balance condition.
On the quadratic Fock functor
Ameur Dhahri
Mathematics , 2009,
Abstract: We prove that the quadratic second quantization of an operator p on $L^2(\mathbb{R}^d)\cap L^\infty (\mathbb{R}^d)$ is an orthogonal projection on the quadratic Fock space if and only if p =MI, where MI is a multiplication operator by a characteristic function I.
Interpolation between Hilbert spaces
Yacin Ameur
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: This note comprises a synthesis of certain results in the theory of exact interpolation between Hilbert spaces. In particular, we discuss the characterizations of all interpolation spaces [2] and of all quadratic interpolation spaces [13], and we give connections to other results in the area.

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