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Prevalence of Burnout among Professionals Who Care for Elderly and Chronically Ill Patients  [PDF]
Carla Susana Vicente, Rui Arago Oliveira, Jo?o Maroco
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.517196
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the prevalence of Burnout Syndrome among professionals who care for elderly and chronically ill patients and the relationship between the appearance of Burnout and sociodemographic and job related variables. The sample consisted of 265 employees who worked directly with the elderly and chronically ill. It was composed mostly of women, 94.3%. The average age was 43 (SD = 10.2). We made use of the following instruments: a sociodemographic questionnaire and the Maslach Burnout Inventory—HSS (Semedo, 2009). The results show that 19.6% of participants have high rates of emotional exhaustion, 4.9% present high depersonalization, and 2.6% experience low personal accomplishment. Disease severity and support services influence personal accomplishment. Age proved to be a predictor of the emotional exhaustion variable, while the length of service at an institution variable not only proved to be a predictor of emotional exhaustion, but also of personal accomplishment. The prevention of Burnout Syndrome constitutes one of the major challenges for occupational health care providers to the elderly and chronically ill.
Concep??o de roubo em pré-escolares
Martins, Raul Arago;
Educa??o & Sociedade , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-73301997000200007
Abstract: from the pioneering work of j. piaget "the moral judgment of the child" we have reviewed the contributions to this study of childrens' conception of stealing . using a story about a minor theft, we examined how kindergarten children answer questions about the right and wrong of stealing and now they justified their answers. in addition we examined childrens' perception of the existence, contingence and relativity of rules. we examined 80 children from a public and a private school, each divided in two groups. the results have shown that children have a notion of stealing as a wrong act and to justify these answers they show five patterns of justifications, as well as judgment of intentionality. results were discussed in terms of piaget's moral development theory.
Sobre o trabalho clínico nos grupos de reabilita??o de condutores
Oliveira,Rui Arago;
Análise Psicológica , 2005,
Abstract: the principal aim of this work is to analyze mental states associated with risk behaviors in drive tasks. group dynamics are considered as an important work to promote internal transformation and prevent risk behavior in drive task. the author applied to his experience of the last 9 years with rehabilitation groups with traffic offenders
Do vínculo às rela??es sociais: Aspectos psicodinamicos
Oliveira,Rui Arago;
Análise Psicológica , 2000,
Abstract: regarding the attachment theme, we approached the problem areas associated with early relationships, the representation of the attachment process in various developmental stages, and the psychological relations inherent in the formation of different social systems, fitted in to the dynamic game created by, and for its individual representatives. we started off by broadening our conception of attachment, exceptionally considering contributions by bowlby, as well as the differences between his approach and the one by freud and traditional psychoanalysis. we then considered, amongst others, melanie klein?s work on the body communication phenomena, which becomes organized in a very early phase of development, and the vicissitudes in object relationships, made up of emotions, fantasies, moments of distress and specific psychological defenses. finally, we reorganized the concept of attachment according to wilfred bion?s conception by emphasizing the idea of the relation between a continent space and the contents, resorting to identifying projective mechanisms and to basic emotions, inherent in the establishment and maintenance of affectionate bonds, with repercussions in the thinking ability and in global human development regarding relationships.
Para pensar...: a dor depressiva na reabilita??o da incapacidade física adquirida
Oliveira,Rui Arago;
Análise Psicológica , 2002,
Abstract: depressive symptoms become a central topic for the general rehabilitation process of physical impairment patients. on this paper, the author do some comments on theoretical and technical matters with a clinical vignette.
Elementos psicoterapêuticos na reabilita??o dos sujeitos com incapacidades físicas adquiridas
Oliveira,Rui Arago;
Análise Psicológica , 2000,
Abstract: the psychotherapeutic aspects of people with disabilities are the main aim of this paper. relational process and social support are discussed as two main topics of this specific population. relational dimensions of physical handicap people are discussing as well as social support, mortality, morbidity and heath improvement. psychological variables are considered in the case of stroke patients and amputees. the main studies of the last decades are discussed.
O ciclo anual dos Anopheles do subgênero Kerteszia, no sul do Brasil
Arago, Mario B.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1968, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761968000100002
Abstract: it has not been previously stated that kerteszia are anophelines a slow development. even the researchers that have bred those mosquitoes, took the delay observed in the development of the larvae as resulting from inadequate techniques. from an analysis of the data concerning monthly collections of larvae and adults, carried out in the state of santa catarina, brazil, it resulted: 1. the mortality in the period from oviposition to the first ecdysis, is ca. 90% and in the first stage, probably is not lower than 75%; 2. at least during three months the percentage of the breeding biotopes with first stage larvae is lower than 35%, a fact which may be observed only in populations of insects of slow development; 3. the percentage of breeding biotops with first and second stage larvae has its maximum value in autumm; on the other hand, the ones with larvae in the third and fourth stage, predominate in the winter; 4. in the only forest where the periodicity of the breeding biotipes showing pupae was statistically significant, the greater percentage of these breeding places was found in the spring; 5. the fact that the breeding biotopes with first stage larvae are more abundant in the autumn, a time during which activity of the adults is low, and that the ones with fourth stage larvae are more abundant in the winter, seems to show that the eggs laid at the end of the summer do not achieve their development in less than four months; 6. the presence of pupae during the whole year shows that the adults emerged without discontinuity; 7. two sudden increases of adult desity, one in september and the other in january, seem to show that: a) the kerteszia from the winter, and the ones which survived from the precedent season, have their activity reduced in the cold and only begin to be eager for blood with the first waves of warm air of the spring; b) the laying of the eggs, achieved in september will only give adults at the end of december, namely ca. four months later. 8. after s
O virus do mixoma no coelho do mato (Sylvilagus minenses), sua transmiss?o pelos Aedes scapularis e aegypti
Arago, Henrique Beaurepaire;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1943, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761943000100010
Abstract: the brazilian wild rabbit (sylvilagus minensis) is sensible to the virus of the mixomatosis but the desease takes on it a mild character, lasts for long time and generally do not kill the animal. the tumors are generally smaller and less numerous than those of the domestic rabbit, but sometimes there were noted large and flat lesions (fig. 3). the natural infection of the wild rabbit may be quite common not only because many rabbits caught in the country were found to be immune as also because it was found among the animals caught in the country near rio, one that was infected with mixomatosis. the experimental infection of the sylvilagus may be easily obtained by cutan, subcutan or conjuntival way and also when a health wild rabbit is placed in the same cage with a sick domestic animal. it is also possible to obtain the infection of the wild and domestic rabbits by the bite of infected blood sucking insects as fleas and mosquitoes. the infected mosquito can transmit the disease 2 or 3 times til 17 days after an infective meal on a sick rabbit. the transmission is a mecanical one and only the proboscis of the insect contains the virus as it was shown by the inoculation of emulsions of the proboscis, thorax and abdomen of the mosquito. though mecanical this kind of transmission acts as an important epidemiological mean of dissemination of the deseasse and splains the suddendly outbreaks of mixomatosis in rabbits breedings where no new rabbits were introduced since very long time. the transmition of mixomatosis by fleas (slenopsylla) was at first demonstrated by us, then s. torres pointed out the capacity of culex fatigans to transmit the desease and now we have proved that aedes scapularis and aedes aegypti were also able to transmit it (foto 1 and 2). the virus of the mixomatosis (chlamidozoon mixoma) is seen on the smeavs of the tumors of the wild reabbit with the same morphology, as in the material of the domestic animal.
Algumas medidas microclimáticas, em mata da regi?o "Bromélia-malária", em Santa Catarina, Brasil: I - temperatura do ar, umidade relativa e evapora??o
Arago, Mario B.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1958, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761958000200004
Abstract: the author presents a rapid introduction in which the present study is situated in the program of work of the instituto de malariologia, in the southern litoral of brazil. then, with the help of a series of graphs, he shows, the distribution of air temperature, relative humidity and evaporation, in three zonations and between the various synusiae of the forest. besides the monthly averages and totals, the data for daily and nightly observations are presented. this will make it possible for other workers to study possible correlations between these data and mosquito behaviour. based on the graphs presented the author reaches, among others the following conclusions: 1. air temperature: generally, in the forest, the mean temperature is lower than in the open. however, in the winter, chiefly in the months of clear sky, when the outgoing radiation is very intense, the reciprocal may also be observed. the values obtained in the various zones at the same height, were, in the summer, almost the same, with slight tendency to normal stratification. on the other hand, in winter the averages were affected by nocturnal inversion of temperature and showed greater differences. in a same zone the averages were always greater inthe upper layers than in the lower ones. 2. relative humidity: the averages obtained in the forest, in dependency of the place, were higher or lower than in the open air. between the same layers of vegetation the values were always higher in the valley, lower on the top of the hill and intermediate in the middle of the slope of the mountain. in each zone the averages were always lower near the crown of the trees than under the shrubs. the nocturnal inversion of temperature has little effect over the distribution of the mean values of relative humidity. 3. evaporation: during the day, evaporation is higher in the open air than under the shrubs of the forest, a condition which is not always prevalent at night. among the zones, the top of the elevation...
S?bre a biomassa dos Anopheles do subgênero kerteszia, em seus criadouros
Arago, Mario B.;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1968, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761968000200008
Abstract: the average biomass in the breeding places has been calculated on the basis of the near constant ratio of the young forms growing and the average number of each stage. the study of the annual cicle of the average biomass of five anopheles populations has confirmed previous observation that these mosquitoes, in nature, have very slow development. in this study it has been evident also that the larvae density, as it classicaly has been calculated, by dividing the total of colected larvae by the number of positivated breeding places, is an inable index for representation of the breeding places potencialities of those anophelines. the fourth stage larvae average, from positive breeding places, has revealed to be a better index. its annual circle curve is approximately parallel to that of the biomass and so, the author suggests for news works, the computation solely of the young forms of advanced stages.

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