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Optical Coherence in Astrophysics: The Powerful Alternative of Big Bang  [PDF]
Jacques Moret-Bailly
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.48A019

The coherence of the interaction of light with a collisionless gas (Einstein 1917) founds the theory of gas lasers. It is, for the understanding of universe, a simpler and more powerful tool than the big bang which requires questionable supplements (dark matter, MOND, etc.). The Impulsive Stimulated Raman Scattering (ISRS) redshifts gradually light pulses which cross excited atomic hydrogen H*, so that the redshift is a measure of the column density of H*. Thus, the distance of the hot stars, surrounded by much H*, is exaggerated by the use of Hubble’s law. Local exaggerated distances create voids in the maps of galaxies which become spongy. The interpretation of spectra of quasars, the periodicity of galaxy redshifts introduce an experimental “Karlsson’s constant” exactly computed by ISRS. The need for dark matter comes from the exaggeration of the distance, therefore the size of galaxies. Without dark matter, celestial mechanics provides a reliable distance of spiral galaxies. Coherence also introduces superradiance and mode competition that explain that only the limbs of Stromgren spheres are visible as circles maybe punctuated by an even number of dots: Too numerous, the figures assigned to gravitational lenses can be such limbs. The coincidence of the ignition of the rings of SNR1987A with the extinction of the star is due to a multiphoton coherent scattering of star light, which amplifies the superradiant emission of the rings. A blueshift of microwaves crossing H* resulting, between 10 and 15 AU, of the expansion of solar wind, explains the “anomalous acceleration” of Pioneer probes. All is obtained without any change in theories of standard spectroscopy.

El circo: ?mezcla de géneros?
Folios , 2009,
Abstract: el presente artículo intenta ofrecer una mejor comprensión en torno al mundo del circo y su ethos, entendido como manera de ver y actuar. a riesgo de paradoja, nos proponemos captar el espíritu de este arte corporal mediante aproximaciones sucesivas. tras explorar una definición del circo, se insiste particularmente en las nociones de cuerpo, imagen y movimiento, que se sitúan en el corazón de la historia y del imaginario del circo. se evoca también "el cuerpo grotesco" y el episteme del renacimiento y, de manera más general, cruzamos la historia del circo y la historia del pensamiento. su contenido puede resultar desconcertante para el lector, pues recurre a procesos de inversión cronológica y de mezcla poco conformes con la tradición académica, pero, no obstante, congruentes con el espíritu del circo.
Niveaux d'organisation, changements de niveaux, finalité
Francis Bailly
Philosophica , 1991,
Le bateau ivre
Antoine Bailly
Mappemonde , 1990,
Paysages et représentations
A. Bailly
Mappemonde , 1990,
Abstract: Les exercices de représentations spatiales, tout en révélant la richesse de l’approche de la géographie par le bas , sont de véritables outils pédagogiques, à intégrer dans l’enseignement puisqu’ils permettent une reconstruction ascendante du fonctionnement des systèmes spatiaux. Marquant le passage des représentations au conceptuel, ils nous font manipuler le raisonnement géographique en s’appuyant sur nos pratiques et nos images mentales.
Mégalopoles du Monde en images
Antoine BAILLY
Mappemonde , 1991,
Abstract: Quelques cartes mentales des mégalopoles du Monde, selon un lycéen, un journaliste, un scientifique et un homme politique.
Los Angeles 1992: chronique d’émeutes annoncées
Antoine BAILLY
Mappemonde , 1993,
Abstract: En 1992, à Los Angeles, la révolte des ch meurs noirs de South Central contre la société blanche et les immigrants d’Asie et d’Amérique latine dégénéra en une guerre urbaine, révélatrice de l’ Autre Amérique : celle des exclus de la société urbaine.
Gravitino dark matter and the lithium primordial abundance within a pre-BBN modified expansion
Sean Bailly
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1088/1475-7516/2011/03/022
Abstract: We present supersymmetric scenarios with gravitino LSP and stau NLSP in the case of a non-standard model of cosmology with the addition of a dark component in the pre-BBN era. In the context of the standard model of cosmology, gravitino LSP has drawn quite some attention as it is a good candidate for dark matter. It is produced in scattering processes during reheating after inflation and from the decay of the stau. With a long lifetime, the stau decays during Big Bang Nucleosynthesis. It is strongly constrained by the abundance of light elements but can however address the known "BBN lithium problem". It requires fairly massive staus $\mstau \gtrsim 1 \unit{TeV}$ and puts an upper bound on the reheating temperature $T_R \simeq 10^7\unit{GeV}$ which does not satisfy the requirements for thermal leptogenesis. For the non-standard cosmological scenario, the reheating temperature bound can be strongly relaxed $T_R\gg 10^9 \unit{GeV}$ and the lithium-7 problem solved with a stau typical mass of $\mstau \sim 600-700 \unit{GeV}$ and down to $\sim 400 \unit{GeV}$ with a very important dark component that could enable possible production and detection at the LHC.
Caryotypes de Neocanonopsis dreuxi Hoffmann et Christensenia Antarctica Brinck, Curculionidae Ectemnorrhininae (Insectes, Coléoptères) de l'archipel Crozet
S Bailly, P Dreux
Genetics Selection Evolution , 1992, DOI: 10.1186/1297-9686-24-4-289
New analysis for consistency among markers in the study of genetic diversity: development and application to the description of bacterial diversity
Sandrine Pavoine, Xavier Bailly
BMC Evolutionary Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-7-156
Abstract: This combination of methods allows i) testing and describing differences in patterns of inter-population diversity among loci, and ii) defining the best compromise among loci. These methods are illustrated by the analysis of both simulated data sets, which include ten loci evolving under a stepping stone model and a locus evolving under an alternative population structure, and a real data set focusing on the genetic structure of two nitrogen fixing bacteria, which is influenced by geographical isolation and host specialization. All programs needed to perform multiple DPCoA are freely available.Multiple DPCoA allows the evaluation of the impact of various loci in the measurement and description of diversity. This method is general enough to handle a large variety of data sets. It complements existing methods such as the analysis of molecular variance or other analyses based on linkage disequilibrium measures, and is very useful to study the impact of various loci on the measurement of diversity.The exponential increase in sequencing abilities is modifying the way genetic diversity is assessed. For instance, multilocus sequencing (MLS) now allows the estimation of genetic relatedness among microorganisms for both housekeeping genes and accessory genes such as virulence or symbiotic determinants [1]. Thus, several publications reported complex MLS schemes studying more than ten genes located in different genomic regions and involved in various metabolic pathways. These studies have indicated the influence of various parameters, such as recombination rate [2] or epidemiological traits [3], on the diversification of bacterial populations. Furthermore, recent progress in sequencing technologies suggests that still more and more sequence data will be available to study questions related to community ecology in the near future [4]. New statistical methodologies should therefore be developed to deal with the complexity of data sets that will be produced. One of the main prob

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