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A fome nos povoados missionais: dinamicas históricas em meio ao debate sobre a subsistência entre jesuítas e indígenas
Jean Baptista
BIBLOS : Revista do Instituto de Ciências Humanas e da Informa??o , 2008,
Abstract: Em busca da supera o da rejei o indígena ao sistema de produ o agrícola ocidental, responsável pelas sucessivas crises de fomes, jesuítas e nativos geram um conjunto simbólico capaz de assegurar alternativas de subsistência ao longo dos 150 anos de história dos povoados missionais.
Newton de Macedo : da filosofia da história para a sociologia
Pedro Baptista
Revista da Faculdade de Letras : Sociologia , 2009,
Abstract: In the present text we present the culminant place of sociology in the Reform of the Higher Education in Philosophy attempted by Leonardo Coimbra in 1919, the time in which, as Minister for Instruction, he creates the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto (FLUP). Such a position is inscribed in the relevant interest showed for sociology, not only following the positivist tradition of the eighteen hundreds, but especially of the Portuguese Renaissance, movement that aspired to rise above it. Thus, we inform that, although the project of inscription of sociology in the philosophy’s curriculum of FLUP did not take place for political reasons, authors such as Georg Simmel were studied in detail, mainly after the critique of the philosophy of history. Newton de Macedo, historian and philosopher, is his main scholar: he shows how history as a science tends to progress from the level of historiography to the level of sociology, since historic facts should be inscribed in the category of social facts. Besides his attention to Vieira de Almeida’s scheme on historic causality, where he identi?es three phases of research, Newton de Macedo develops a critique of the naturalist and scientist visions of social phenomena produced by different positivist authors. On the other hand, when discussing the sociological thought of Durkheim, also well known in the primitive FLUP, he seems to identify himself with it. Focused on the ruins of post-war, Newton, as well as Leonardo Coimbra, produces a very critical reading of positivism (not without considering that it was a good epistemological standing point for work) and has as main purpose the research for new bases for the construction of new values needed to ?ll the dangerous moral void left by belligerent barbarity. The text reveals the exceptional international and up-to-date openness of FLUP (1919-1931) in a national philosophical academic panorama closed to contemporary novelty and to the world
Documentário, modernismo e revista em Lisboa, Crónica Anedótica
Tiago Baptista
Doc On-Line : Revista Digital de Cinema Documentário , 2009,
Abstract: This paper explores how the instability of cinematographic concepts and practices, that only later would be associated with “documentary”, in Lisboa, Crónica Anedótica (Leit o de Barros, 1930) allows for the co-existence of the generators of two cinematographic traditions as diverse, as autonomous and as different as, on the one hand, the documentary modernist (urban European “symphonies”) and, on the other hand, the lm’s ctional genre (“comedies” in Portuguese).
Debate sobre o artigo de Delma Pessanha Neves
Baptista Marcos
Cadernos de Saúde Pública , 2004,
Eclipse mapping of accretion discs
Raymundo Baptista
Physics , 2000,
Abstract: The eclipse mapping method is an inversion technique that makes use of the information contained in eclipse light curves to probe the structure, the spectrum and the time evolution of accretion discs. In this review I present the basics of the method and discuss its different implementations. I summarize the most important results obtained to date and discuss how they have helped to improve our understanding of accretion physics, from testing the theoretical radial brightness temperature distribution and measuring mass accretion rates to showing the evolution of the structure of a dwarf novae disc through its outburst cycle, from isolating the spectrum of a disc wind to revealing the geometry of disc spiral shocks. I end with an outline of the future prospects.
Eclipse Mapping: Astrotomography of Accretion Discs
Raymundo Baptista
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: The Eclipse Mapping Method is an indirect imaging technique that transforms the shape of the eclipse light curve into a map of the surface brightness distribution of the occulted regions. Three decades of application of this technique to the investigation of the structure, the spectrum and the time evolution of accretion discs around white dwarfs in cataclysmic variables have enriched our understanding of these accretion devices with a wealth of details such as (but not limited to) moving heating/cooling waves during outbursts in dwarf novae, tidally-induced spiral shocks of emitting gas with sub-Keplerian velocities, elliptical precessing discs associated to superhumps, and measurements of the radial run of the disc viscosity through the mapping of the disc flickering sources. This chapter reviews the principles of the method, discusses its performance, limitations, useful error propagation procedures, as well as highlights a selection of applications aimed at showing the possible scientific problems that have been and may be addresses with it.
Plug-In Vehicle Acceptance and Probable Utilization Behaviour  [PDF]
Patrícia Baptista, Catarina Rolim, Carla Silva
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2012.21008
Abstract: This paper presents a study undertaken to understand the plug-in vehicle acceptance and probable utilization behaviour in terms of charging habits and utility factor (probability of driving in electrical mode). A survey was designed to be answered via World Wide Web, throughout 3 months and only accessible to Portuguese inhabitants. The survey was composed by biographical and car ownership info, mobility patterns, awareness toward plug-in vehicle technologies, price premium and, finally, potential buyer’s attitudes regarding charging vehicles with electricity from the grid. An explanation of how each vehicle technology works in the case of a regular hybrid (HEV), a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and a pure electric vehicle (EV) was provided. A total sample of 809 volunteers answered the survey, aged above 18 years old, 50% male and 50% female. The results allowed the estimation of the typical daily driving distance, the Utility Factor curve for plug-in hybrid future users, the charging preferences for future users of pure electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and the necessary feebates to promote the market penetration of such technologies. Other correlations were also analyzed between driving patterns, type of owned car, price premium and the willingness to buy pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The main policy implications are that an increase of awareness campaigns is necessary if the government intends to support the plug-in electric vehicle technology widespread and a minimum of 5000 € investment per ton of avoided CO2 will be necessary in a year.
Do manuscrito ao digital: a longa sobrevivência das bibliotecas e dos profissionais envolvidos
Sofia Galv?o Baptista,Mariana Baptista Brandt
Revista Digital de Biblioteconomia e Ciência da Informa??o , 2006,
Abstract: Mostra a evolu o do curso de Biblioteconomia no Brasil e a atua o do bibliotecário. Traz o trecho do livro de Umberto Eco como referencial histórico da era medieval, pretendendo questionar a fun o de "guardi o" da informa o nesta fase e no contexto atual.
Dualismo e cosmologia Kaingang: o xam? e o domínio da floresta
Silva, Sergio Baptista da;
Horizontes Antropológicos , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-71832002000200009
Abstract: the present article focuses on the interrelationships between the different domains of the kaingang cosmos. in particular, this article discusses the role of the shaman system as a mediator between these cosmic domains. the present reflection also attempts to understand how the kaingang society culturally construes its idea of "nature," based on studies of this societies' dualistic cosmological conception, which emphasizes the fertility of uniting principles held to be in opposition.
Cirugía como tratamiento de la apnea obstructiva del sue?o
Baptista,P. M.;
Anales del Sistema Sanitario de Navarra , 2007, DOI: 10.4321/S1137-66272007000200006
Abstract: nasal continuous positive airway pressure (cpap) is considered an ideal treatment for treating obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (osas), due to its being conservative and reversible; however, there is a poor rate of adherence in its long-term use. surgery can significantly complement those cases where cpap is not tolerated. surgery for osas must be carried out taking into account the degree of obstructive apnea, the place of greatest obstruction and the experience of the medical team. the more severe the osas, the more aggressive the surgical therapy can be. the place of obstruction must not be considered in a simplistic way, in which only one place of obstruction is defined, but as a general alteration of the airway where the surgeon must act in order to carry out an effective remodelling. this paper describes different types of surgery and their efficacy in osas according to the anatomical area involved (nose, adenoidal surgery, tonsils, soft palate, base of the tongue, hypopharynx and bimaxillary protrusion). the scientific evidence shows that at present reconstructive surgery of the airway competes effectively with medical treatment.

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