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Comunikación y subjetivid@d: Algunas reflexiones en el borde de la red
Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Dise?±o y Comunicaci?3n. Ensayos , 2012,
Abstract: nowadays, communications and new technologies, are contributing to increase the complexity of some concepts tied to the notion of presence, time, existence, speed, the present time, simultaneity, space, place, connection, horizontality, verticality subjectivity, society and culture constitute the producers and the product that are affected, transforming their relations and their bonds. the idea is not to abolish ways to think but to incorporate and to produce new glances in order to capture the present and to appreciate the effects and the impact of communication in the subjectivities.
Investigación y práctica clínica en una cátedra universitaria
Slapak,Sara; Cervone,Nélida; Luzzi,Ana María; Aguiriano,Vanina; Bardi,Daniela; Belmes,Débora; Canale,Valeria; Freidin,Fabiana; Frylinsztein,Cecilia; Gaitan,Laura; Grigoravicius,Marcelo; Nimcowicz,Diana; Padawer,María; Ramos,Laura; Wainszelbaum,Dina;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2006,
Abstract: in this paper we present preliminary results obtained in an exploratory study about research practice effects on clinical practice; both activities are carried out by members of an university chair whose educational objective is tutoring of a psychoanalytic theory. the professional psychologists perform their activities as degree or posdegree teachers, as children psychotherapists in an welfare unit and also participate in an empirical investigation about psychic change in children and changes in the emotional support of their adults in charge, based on the clinical material gathered in the welfare unit. this is an heterogeneous working team regarding the teaching, assisting and research experience that includes both advanced students and recently graduated members of psychology and also professionals of long and recognized trajectory. we analyze the answers given to an open question asked to each teacher- psychotherapist-researcher with the aim of understanding their perception in respect to the effects of their research activity in their assisting practice. in the clinical practice, the teachers-psychotherapistsresearchers observe changes in the perception and in the organization of the clinical material and greater accuracy on their interventions.

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