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Théories de la connaissance en économie : théories rationnelles appliquées à l’économie et théorie intuitive selon Edgar Salin
Bertram Schefold,Gilles Campagnolo
Astérion , 2007,
Abstract: Il n’est pas toujours évident de rappeler aujourd’hui que l’économie politique contemporaine est née d’une fusion, et non seulement d’évictions successives, entre le formalisme moderne, des conceptions non formalisées – et peut-être d ment impossibles à formaliser – mais rationnelles, et des intuitions dont le statut philosophique a été – et demeure – l’une des grandes questions traitées en théorie de la connaissance, telle que l’a en particulier illustrée la tradition allemande depuis Kant jusqu’à nous. Une des tentatives majeures pour donner un statut à l’Anschauung dans la théorie économique a été conduite en Allemagne, puis en Suisse, par Edgar Salin (1892-1974) dont l’ uvre, fut inspirée par l’atmosphère régnant dans le cercle réuni autour du poète Stefan George dans l’Entre-deux guerres. Elle se présenta comme une conception alternative à celles de Popper et de Weber, tant quant à l’usage possible de l’intuition en regard du cadre de la rationalité scientifique qu’eu égard à l’architectonique et aux visées de l’économie politique. La présente étude restitue, d’une part, une brève généalogie du concept philosophique d’intuition et, d’autre part, constitue un des rares exposés en fran ais de la doctrine développée par Salin, une pensée que le travail mené par les auteurs les a conduits à revaloriser dans l’optique d’épistémologie comparative qu’ils ont ici adoptée.
A Survey on Continuous Time Computations
Olivier Bournez,Manuel Campagnolo
Computer Science , 2009,
Abstract: We provide an overview of theories of continuous time computation. These theories allow us to understand both the hardness of questions related to continuous time dynamical systems and the computational power of continuous time analog models. We survey the existing models, summarizing results, and point to relevant references in the literature.
Produ??o da amoreira-preta 'Tupy' sob diferentes épocas de poda
Campagnolo, Marcelo Angelo;Pio, Rafael;
Ciência Rural , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782012005000007
Abstract: the blackberry is an important option to fruit growers in paraná state. however, there aren't trials performed in subtropical area in that state. the objective of this research was to evaluate the pruning time effects at season production of 'tupy' blackberry. the research was conducted in a commercial orchard, in an agroecological system. the experimental design was randomized blocks with four blocks and six treatments (pruning time by fifteen days during the winter pruning). in each plot, which was consisted of three plants, it was collected phenological, productive and physical-chemical production cycle in 2008/09 and 2009/10. pruning made in early july are the most suitable and late pruning can harm the productive performance of blackberry 'tupy' in western paraná.
Enraizamento de estacas caulinares e radiculares de cultivares de amoreira-preta coletadas em diferentes épocas, armazenadas a frio e tratadas com AIB
Campagnolo, Marcelo Angelo;Pio, Rafael;
Ciência Rural , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782012000200008
Abstract: the objective of the present research was to quantify the rizogenic potential of stems and root cuttings of blackberry cultivars, collected in different times, cold storage and treated with indolbutyric acid. in the first experiment, roots and stems cuttings of 'tupy' blackberry were collected close to it hibernal prune and accomplished in the following times: 07/06, 22/06, 08/07, 22/07, 06/08 and 20/08 of 2009. already in the second experiment, half of the stems and roots cuttings of 'tupy' blackberry were submitted to cold storage for 30 days and the other amount of cuttings were placed directly for rooting. the whole cuttings were treated with different concentrations of indolbutyric acid (iba): 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000mg l-1 for 10 seconds, and control only for water. in the third experiment, roots cuttings of 'choctaw', 'ébano', 'guarani', 'arapaho', 'brazos', 'cherokee', 'comanche', 'caingangue', 'tupy' and 'xavante' blackberry cultivars were collected in the pruning accomplished in june 22 of the following year. the cuttings were cold storage for 30 days and treatment was not accomplished with iba. in both experiments, the stems cuttings were buried 2/3 of its length in the vertical position and the roots cuttings were totally immerged in the horizontal position, using vermiculita as substrate, in greenhouse with 50% of light. after 90 days, it can be concluded that the roots cuttings presents better results, owing cold storage and without iba, but there is difference of propagation potential among blackberry cultivars.
Controle de frequência híbrido em sistemas elétricos com incidência de gera??o distribuída
Portolann, César A.;Campagnolo, Jorge M.;
Sba: Controle & Automa??o Sociedade Brasileira de Automatica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-17592010000500002
Abstract: the structural changes that occurred in the market of electricity made the economy have the same importance as the safety in electric systems. consequently, the investments are more pondered, usually not following the growth of the demand. as a result, the systems tend to operate at their maximum use. at the same time, there is an encouragement regarding the use of wind power, which on the one hand improves the generation capacity but on the other harms the frequency. to use the wind power, maintaining good frequency quality, some resources could be used, such as an increase in the spinning reserve, the limitation on the penetration level of the wind power, the use of turbines with blade pitch control, electronic interfaces and storage of active power, however they are onerous and partial solutions. considering these issues, the evaluation of a hybrid solution is proposed, where a modified load shedding helps the conventional control in the frequency regulation. this load shedding is seen as an operational tool, which also operates in a steady state and not only as an emergency measure. this may allow obtaining the advantages of the wind power while its implications in the frequency stay soften, with compatible cost.
Survival and growth of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Pisces - Pimelodidae) larvae: effect of photoperiod
Campagnolo, R.;Nu?er, A.P.O.;
Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-09352008000600030
Abstract: the survival and the growth of pseudoplatystoma corruscans larvae exposed to four photoperiods: light:dark (ld) 0:24, ld 10:14, ld 14:10, and ld 24:0, in a brackish water (5‰) culture were analyzed. larvae were fed with artemia sp. nauplii at a 500 nauplii/larvae/day ratio. survival on day 5 was inversely related to the length of photoperiod. from days 5 to 10, intermediate photoperiods resulted in a better survival, although ld 0:24 and ld 14:10 resulted in similar survival on day 10. larvae presented higher weight at intermediate photoperiods. the results suggested that photoperiod requirements shifted during early development of p. corruscans larvae.
Detec??o precoce da nefropatia diabética
Murussi, Marcia;Murussi, Nádia;Campagnolo, Nicole;Silveiro, Sandra Pinho;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-27302008000300004
Abstract: due to the unfavorable prognosis of advanced stages of diabetic nephropathy (dn), the ideal approach is to identify renal involvement as early as possible. it is recommended to measure urinary albumin excretion (uae) annually, in random urine samples, in order to detect the stages of dn [microalbuminuria (uae 17-174 mg/l or 30-300 mg albumin/g of creatinine) and macroalbuminuria (> 174 mg/l or > 300 mg/g)]. however, it has been suggested that uae levels below the threshold of consensus could already signal the risk for dn progression and increased mortality, indicating the need to revise cutoff values. as a substantial amount of uae (the immunounreactive fraction), is not detected by conventional methods, hplc would be more sensitive to identify the presence of damage by measuring total uae (immunoreactive + immunounreactive). another recent observation is that diminished glomerular filtration rates (gfr) occurs in the presence of normoalbuminuria. therefore, besides evaluating uae, it is recommended to estimate gfr with equations employing creatinine; such as the modification of diet in renal disease (mdrd) study, available at www.mdrd.com. owing to the known limitations of creatinine, alternative endogenous markers are being studied, and cystatin-c is a promising marker under investigation. finally, new strategies that could detect dn even earlier, include biomarkers such as proteomics, defining a profile of urinary protein excretion able to identify the subsequent risk of renal disease.
Sobrevivência e crescimento de larvas de surubim, Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Pisces, Pimelodidae), em diferentes densidades de estocagem = Survival and growth of surubim Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Pisces, Pimelodidae) larvae in different stocking densities
Rodrigo Campagnolo,Alex Pires de Oliveira Nu?er
Acta Scientiarum : Animal Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: O objetivo deste estudo foi avaliar a sobrevivência e o crescimento de larvas de surubim, Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, em cinco densidades de cultivo: 15, 35, 55, 75 e 95 larvas/L, distribuídas em um delineamento inteiramente ao acaso com três repeti es. Utilizou-se água salinizada (5%) para o cultivo. As larvas foram mantidas em ambiente sem luz e alimentadas com náuplios de Artemia sp. na propor o de 500 náuplios/larva/dia. Ao final do experimento (10o dia), a sobrevivência apresentou tendência de redu o com oaumento da densidade de estocagem, mas n o se verificou rela o entre o crescimento e a densidade. As concentra es de am nia n o ionizada e de nitrito apresentaram varia o diretamente proporcional ao aumento da densidade e podem ter influenciado a sobrevivênciafinal. A maior sobrevivência (52,0 ± 9,3%) foi registrada em cultivo com 15 larvas/L, sendo que essa densidade n o produziu efeito negativo sobre a qualidade da água. The aim of this study was to evaluate the survival and the growth of surubim Pseudoplatystoma corruscans larvae in five stocking densities: 15, 35, 55, 75 and 95 larvae/L, distributed in a completely randomized design with three repetitions. Brackish water (5%) was used in the cultivation. The larvae were cultivated without light and fed with 500 Artemia sp. nauplii/larvae/day. At the end of the experiment (10th day), the survival showed tendency to reduction with the increase of the stocking density, but a relationship between growth and density was not registered. The concentrations of non-ionized ammonia and nitrite varied proportionally to density increase and those concentrations probably influenced the final survival. The highest survival (52.0 ± 9.3%) was registered at 15 larvae/L, a density that did not produce negative effect on the quality of water.
Low embryotoxicity of PEGylated single wall carbon nanotubes
Campagnolo L,Massimiani M,Aru C,Palmieri G
Prevention and Research : International Open Access Journal of Prevention and Research in Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.7362/2240-2594.109.2013
Abstract: Nanotechnology, the great revolution of the twenty-first century, consists in the preparation of materials, the nanoparticles (NP), having at least one of the dimensions below 100 nm (i.e. less than 10-9 meters). The drastic reduction in size confers to nanoparticles physico-chemical characteristics very different from those of the parent material, since decreasing the size, the surface to volume ratio considerably increases. This in turn determines that the majority of the atoms are distributed at the surface of the nanoparticles, thus conferring them a high chemical and biological reactivity. In the context of engineered nanoparticles, the single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) are considered one of the most promising materials for applications in both biomedical and industrial fields. There are, however, indications that the SWCNT can be potentially toxic in some biological contexts. For example, we have recently shown that certain types of SWCNT, mainly produced for industrial applications, when administered to female mice at an early stage of pregnancy are capable of inducing fetal malformations of varying severity, up to abortion, in case of administration at high concentrations.This observation raises the question about the safety of exposure to this kind of nanoparticles in the workplace during pregnancy.In this work, we report some of our subsequent results showing that the addition to the carbon nanotubes of functional groups consisting of polyethylene glycol chains (PEG-SWCNT) significantly reduces their embryotoxic effect and do not appear to cause harmful effects in maternal tissues. The functionalization with the polyethylene glycol is, in fact, one of the methods generally used to increase the biocompatibility of many types of nanoparticles. For our study two different experimental protocols were adopted: in the first protocol, a group of pregnant female mice (5.5 day of pregnancy) have been exposed to the test material with a single dose; in a second group of experiments, females at the same stageof gestation, received multiple doses up to day 15 of gestation. This second protocol was chosen in order to mimic the possible daily exposure that a pregnant woman may have in occupational setting. At the end of the experiments the effects observed both at the level of fetal development and health of the mother's tissues were evaluated for both groups. Our results showed that the functionalization is actually able to reduce the toxic effect on the fetus, however, we have observed the occasional appearance of embryos with obvious structural malf
Analysis of bone ingrowth on a tantalum cup
D′Angelo F,Murena L,Campagnolo M,Zatti G
Indian Journal of Orthopaedics , 2008,
Abstract: Background: Trabecular Metal (TM) is a new highly porous material made of tantalum (Zimmer, Warsaw, Indiana, USA). Its three-dimensional structure is composed of a series of interconnected dodecahedron pores that are on average 550 μm in diameter. This size is considered optimal for bone ingrowth and is similar to trabecular bone. The elastic modulus of TM (3 GPa) is more similar to that of cancellous (0,1-1,5 GPa) or cortical (112-18 GPa) bone and is significantly less similar to that of Titanium (110 GPa) and Co-Cr alloys (220 GPa). These features enable bone apposition and remodeling. The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the histology of the bone-implant interface in a human specimen. Materials and Methods: A highly porous tantalum cup (Zimmer, Warsaw, Indiana, USA) was removed for recurrent dislocations three years after implantation. In order to obtain a slice of the cup, two cuts were made on the centre using an Exakt cutting machine. Then the slice was embedded in a Technovit resin and a Hematoxylin-eosin stain was used to study the bone tissue. Bone ingrowth was calculated using a method based on simple calculations of planar geometry. Results: The histological evaluation of the periprosthetic tissues revealed a typical chronic inflammation with few particles of polyethylene that were birefringent using polarized light. The quantitative evaluation of bone ingrowth revealed that more than 95% of voids were filled with bone. Discussion: In the literature, a lot of studies focused on tantalum were carried on animal model. Up to now little information is available about the histology of the bone-tantalum interface in a human artificial joint. We had an opportunity to remove a well integrated cup hence this study. The histology confirmed the strong relationship between the structure of this material and bone. The morphometric analysis revealed a high percentage of bone ingrowth.

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