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Dynamical Load Emulation Using Neuro-fuzzy Controllers
Muammer G?kbulut,Besir Dandil
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Dynamometer control provides an aid to testing of speed or position control of electrical drives under nonlinear mechanical loads in laboratory environment. This study proposes neuro-fuzzy control of a dynamometer for the emulation of dynamical loads. Varieties of dynamic load models which are the nonlinear function of the shaft speed or position are successfully emulated. Simulation results show that the excellent dynamometer control performance is obtained using the Neuro-Fuzzy Controllers (NFC).
A PI Type Fuzzy-neural Network Controller for Induction Motor Drives
Besir Dandil,Muammer Gokbulut,Fikret Ata
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: For high performance electrical drives, a desirable control performance must be provided even when the parameters and load of the motor are varying during the motion. This study proposed a Proportional Integral (PI) type Fuzzy-Neural Network (FNN) controller for a vector controlled induction motor drives to deal with these issues. The fuzzy-neural controller based on Sugeno fuzzy model was adopted for this study and FNN inputs were selected as the speed error and the error integral to eliminate steady state errors. Experimental results showed the speed control performance of the proposed control system was presented for various operating conditions of the motor.
Phase Angle Control of Three Level Inverter Based D-STATCOM Using Neuro-Fuzzy Controller
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering , 2012, DOI: 10.4316/aece.2012.01013
Abstract: Distribution Static Compensator (D-STATCOM) is a shunt compensation device used to improve electric power quality in distribution systems. It is well-known that D-STATCOM is a nonlinear, semi-defined and time-varying system. Therefore, control of D-STATCOM by the conventional control techniques is very difficult task. In this paper, the control of D-STATCOM is carried out by the neuro-fuzzy controller (NFC) which has non-linear and robust structure. For this aim, an experimental setup based on three-level H-bridge inverter is constructed. Phase angle control method is used for control of D-STATCOM's output reactive power. Control algorithm for this experimental setup is prepared in MATLAB/Simulink and downloaded to DS1103 controller card. A Mamdani type NFC is designed for control of D-STATCOM's reactive current. Output of NFC is integrated to increase tracking performance of controller in steady state. The performance of D-STATCOM is experimentally evaluated by changing reference reactive current as on-line. The experimental results show that the proposed controller gives very satisfactory performance under different loading conditions.

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