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Transformaciones en el Complejo Lácteo Argentino: La mediería como forma social de trabajo
Mundo agrario , 2010,
Abstract: the transformations of the dairy sector and rural social structure in argentina have been taking place along the last decades. this process meant a profound restructuring of the pampas region. throughout this work, we will see how the processes of technological change and restructuring resulted in a transformation of the "mediería" as a social and labor relation. it means, the relations of "mediería" had transformed according to the new requirements of the dairy production clusters. in summary, in this work we will discuss the transformations of the labor organization in the dairy sector in argentina as a result of the modernization processes.
Strategies for the recovery of degraded ecosystems: experiences from latin america
Interciencia , 2001,
Abstract: physical and biological barriers can delay natural regeneration in degraded ecosystems. tropical tree plantations can contribute to restore soils and accelerate forest regeneration. in a program on ecosystem rehabilitation in three regions of latin america, about 50% of a total of 29 tree species tested had positive effects on soils and good growth, making them attractive to farmers for reforestation. in plantations with indigenous tree species in the humid lowlands of costa rica, tree regeneration was higher under plantations than in abandoned pastures. tree regeneration was high under mixed-species plantations. open pastures had the highest proportion of wind-dispersed seeds, while bird and bat seed dispersal was predominant in the plantations. high litter accumulation on the plantation floor diminished grass growth and encouraged woody invasion. in regions with larger agricultural fields and farther from sources of propagules, windbreaks and remnant trees in pastures may be important reservoirs of native tree species. windbreaks are more attractive to birds if they include native, fruit-producing trees, if they have high species and structural complexity, and if positioned between forest patches, facilitating bird movement. strategies for recovery of degraded ecosystems need to consider factors influencing tree regeneration, other potential effects on the ecosystem, and economic, social and environmental constraints.
Un universo de formas, colores y pinturas: Caracterización del estilo alfarero yavi de la puna nororiental de Jujuy
Intersecciones en antropolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: in this paper the yavi ceramic style from the northeastern puna of jujuy, argentina, is systematized and analyzed. the goal is to offer a characterization of the morphological, chromatic, and pictographic variation that this style presents. the study is based on the analysis of over two hundred whole vessels that belong to this style. these are distributed across various museums and collections in different parts of argentina. the study aims to establish which attributes should be included to classify a vessel as yavi and how these are combined in order to define the perceptive unity that characterizes the style.
Ciganos nacionais
Acta literaria , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-68482006000100007
Abstract: this article is an essay about the place of gypsy people in literary pieces produced by the western civilization. if the western?s imaginary sees the gypsies as foreigners as much as an ambiguous beings, whom, depending on the situation, they fear or are fascinated with, here we take the chance to displace this interpretation, underlining the assimilation of the gipsy figure in the identity building process of two nations: brazil and spain. using this image in assorted ways, authors from both countries restore the gypsy?s representation content into a national value itself, proving, on the other hand, the ambiguity and plasticity comprised in the gypsy?s image
Interactuando desde el estilo: Variaciones en la circulación espacial y temporal del estilo alfarero yavi
Estudios atacame?os , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-10432009000100003
Abstract: our analysis of yavi style ceramics from different sectors of the province of jujuy (argentina) aims to show this styles spatial and temporal variability in areas surrounding its supposed place of origin. evidence provided by yavi vessels kept in different argentinian collections finally leads us to discuss the dynamics of social interaction involved in the circulation of ceramics in different places and periods.
Las estrategias docentes al servicio del desarrollo del aprendizaje autorregulado
Estudios pedagógicos (Valdivia) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-07052011000200004
Abstract: within a theoretical framework that regards teaching methodology as a theoretical and practical knowledge, this paper presents the preliminary results of an ongoing inquiry based on classroom observation data gathered at a medicine school. it is suggested that the working guidelines used might be applicable in other university contexts.
La industria de la consultoría y la constitución de la élite managerial de las grandes empresas argentinas
Trabajo y sociedad , 2012,
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to analyze the role adopted by the consulting industry in the constitution of the managerial elite of large companies in argentina. the goal is to show that the consulting firms have an outstanding role in the organizational processes of large argentinean companies. they often participate directly in the leader's selection process - being in charged of the recruitment tests, evaluation, and promotion- as well as in the constitution of sociability relations that generate unequal possibilities of professional career.
Henri Michaux: animalidad y conciencia
Aisthesis , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-71812011000200005
Abstract: this paper examines michaux's work from the perspective offered by deleuze's ontology of becoming, which is partially based on the scientific theories of simondon, geoffroy saint-hilaire and canguilhem. the analysis focuses on the category of animality, understood here as a figure that destabilizes the concept of man as an immutable form. for this purpose, we base our argument on the concepts of ?pre-individuality? (simondon) and ?anomaly? (geoffroy, canguilhem), and we indicate affinities and disparities between michaux's conception of consciousness and the deleuzean notion of ?becoming-animal?.
Aimé Césaire y Tropiques: comienzos literarios en el Caribe francés
Literatura y lingüística , 2012, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-58112012000100002
Abstract: this paper deals with aimé césaire's beginnings in the context of foundation of a literary system in the french antilles, by especially focusing on his program of a martinican literature as delineated in his review tropiques (1941-1945). according to our reading, césaire's intellectual career and the project actually carried out by the review are an example of the concrete possibilities of development of a martinican literature as well as of the difficulties this faces (even today), resulting from asymmetrical exchanges determined by the logic of colonial circuits. in such context, the action and support offered by metropolitan institutions and intellectuals have been crucial. it was mainly due to the contacts established with the french surrealists that tropiques started its intercommunication with antillean and latin american movements and writers. it was also thanks to key figures such as sartre and breton that césaire achieved prestige and acknowledgement as a poet and intellectual.
"Eu n?o estou só(mente) em meu corpo" A pessoa e o corpo entre os Toba (Qom) do Chaco argentino
Tola, Florencia;
Mana , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-93132007000200008
Abstract: in this article, i analyze the attributes that define person and body among the toba (qom) of the argentine chaco. an interest in these concepts led to an examination of some of the components of the body such as corporal fluids, the lqui'i (usually translated as soul), various names and body heat. finally, i discuss the mechanisms of individuation that operate event when the person is conceived as a bundle where relations intersect.

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