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Mejoras prácticas para líneas de decoración Inkjet en cerámica. Máquina IR de radiaciones electromagnéticas (tecnología de longitud de onda)
Gálvez, J.,Gálvez, D.
Boletín de la Sociedad Espa?ola de Cerámica y Vidrio , 2012,
Abstract: SACMI IBéRICA, S.A., has been awarded by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass (SECV), with one GOLD ALFA, in its 2012 edition, during CEVISAMA for the presentation of the innovative IR Electromagnetic Radiation Machine, which improves the conditions and the production performance of digital decoration lines INKJET and other decorative applications ceramic tile. SACMI IBéRICA, S.A., ha sido galardonada por la Sociedad Espa ola de Cerámica y Vidrio (S.E.C.V.), con un ALFA DE ORO, en su edición 2012, durante la celebración de CEVISAMA, por la presentación de la innovadora Máquina IR de Radiaciones Electromagnéticas, que mejora las condiciones y rendimiento productivo de las líneas de decoración digital INKJET y también en otras aplicaciones decorativas en azulejos y baldosas cerámicas.
Remoción del potencial reproductivo por efecto de la pesca: el caso del camarón nailon (Heterocarpus reedi Bahamonde, 1955)
Gálvez Larach,Mauricio;
Investigaciones marinas , 1997, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71781997002500014
Abstract: a numeric procedure for the estimation of the relative reduction of the reproductive potential by fishing, and its associated standard deviation is proposed. the methodology for the calculation of the dispersion statistic suggested here, is a form of the parametric bootstrap resampling method. the procedure is applied to chilean shrimp (heterocarpus reedi) female data, landing on valparaíso zone, for the 1969-74 and 1992-93 period. the maximum remove in the reproductive potential was found between june and september (200,000 to 400,000 eggs for each 100 females in the catches). on the other hand, the reduction in recruitment in 1996 (by the catch of sexually mature female, two years before) will be the largest in the last ten years, this should be reflected in a low proportion of 2nd year class in landings of 1996
Método para determinar la separación entre barras y la curva de selección teórica de sistemas de grilla selectiva en redes de arrastre para peces
Gálvez Larach,Mauricio;
Investigaciones marinas , 1999, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71781999002700004
Abstract: this paper proposes a numeric procedure, based on bootstrap simulations, in order to determine the theoretical size-selection curve of grid sorting systems (gss) in trawlnets to fish. also, based on the size structure of the captures gotten without the device, it proposes a method in order to determine the inter-bar distance of this device. the procedure considers that the maximal width (a) of the fish determine if this escapes or not. also, any particular distribution for the maximal width of a l-length fish is not assumed. the probability that l-length fish do not pass through the grid with separation (d) is described by: where al is obtained at random, of a set of values of a for a particular l, and nl is the amount of fish of length l that enters to the net. to manner of example, this procedure is apply to chilean hake (merluccius gayi gayi) industrial fishery data and an inter-bar distance of 47 mm is determined. with this would be obtained a length of capture (l50) of 390 mm, a length of recruitment to the net (l25) of 381 mm with a short selection range (sr= 18.25 mm). finally, the technical and biological implication of the implementation of this system, in the industrial fishery of chilean hake, is discussed.
Pedagogía de la desmotivación: soy tonto, me llaman inútil: Dos estrategias de socialización secundaria en el hospital
Gálvez Toro,Alberto;
Index de Enfermería , 2005, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-12962005000100005
Abstract: this paper aims at making visible the secondary socialization process undergone by the novice -i our case the nursing student- who begins to work for a health care institution. we have used confessional accounts written by the students during the first 20 days of work in the hospital, i.e., during the process of introduction in the setting. in addition to the cultural shock and alienation, it has also been observed that the student’s role corresponds to a transitory discrepant role (goffman, 1959) characterized by invisibility, liminality and the non-existence as a person. the social configuration of the non-being in the hospital scenario is provided with an eccentric subjective realism, which is extremely stressing and with a strong emotional impact. the experiences of the student are supportive evidence.
1810 y el fantasma de la libertad
Gálvez Medrano, Arturo;
Argumentos (México, D.F.) , 2009,
Abstract: there were many reasons joined as background for the independence of the spaniard colonies in america, but the napolion's invasions in european latitudes were the most immediate detonating action. this was due to the fact that the value of liberty was regained in a double sense: as the common issue in the bourgeois revolutions, with all their implications, and the consciousness of realizing that, facing an intervention, people must fight against it to take away any kind of foreign imposition. in new spain (mexico, before the independence), although the colonialism and its false values were implemented during three hundred years, those persons who dared to challenge and fight the established order were considered as crazy people. when they demonstrated the advantages of emancipation, their movement became a revolution, and their death turned them into martyrs. their brief writings represented a political ideology and were useful to continue the struggle. at the end, the crazy and patriotic ones were transformed into heroes, and their ideals, when printed, became a political will with their valuable principles for the nation.
Gálvez M,Marcelo;
Revista chilena de radiología , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-93082006000300003
Abstract: the biomedical publications are very important for the update of the knowledge and for the daily clinical practice. the scientific activity parameters, quality and impact of the chilean and latin american journals were reviewed. few systems of indexing like medline, science citation index, scielo and lilacs were described. the evolution of language publication and some strategies for the internalization of latin american biomedical journals were reviewed
Trastornos por estrés y sus repercusiones neuropsicoendocrinológicas
Gálvez,Juan Francisco;
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2005,
Abstract: stress disorders have been among us since the beginning of humanity. now a days, we find them in a wide spectrum of population affected by stress, such as the classic stress disorders due to severe and extreme stress reactions, as well as on those submitted to the suffering of a cronical medical illness. the neurobiological and clinical correlates found until now, associated with stress and its manifestations, will help us understand the complexity behind the severe disruption in the psychological functioning of individuals affected chronically. the great majority of longitudinal studies and clinical trials have been conducted with posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and a few with acute stress disorder (asd) patients in combat, natural disasters and criminal violence situations. increased numbers of publications worldwide are focusing on other groups affected by stress, making more and more emphasis on the medically ill patient. the following article summarizes the results of most of the studies done so far on the subject, concerning primarily with the functioning of the neuroendocrine and sympathetic nervous systems, inflammation cascades, implicated neurotransmitters, imaging studies and soft neurological signs findings. a follow up on the multiplicity of interactions between amygdala, hippocampus, neuroendocrine systems and the significant dysregulation associated with stress will be thourghouly revised as well. these findings should bring new sights on better and safer quality interventions, also making complementary treatment available in order to slow the progression of the disorder and improve the quality of life of a larger number of patients. this knowledge will help us understand and control some of the psychiatric manifestations magnified by stress in vulnerable individuals. in spite of the limited evidence, hopefully in the future, this will be an area of clinical research for a larger spectrum of disorders.
Líneas históricas de la Novación Subjetiva por cambio de deudor con especial referencia al Derecho Castellano
Gálvez Criado,Antonio;
Revista de estudios histórico-jurídicos , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-54552006000100004
Abstract: the spanish civil code, partially following the french civil code (and the italian one of 1865, which continued the code previously mentioned), regulates the change of the debtor?s person as one of the possible applications of the novation: the subjective novation due to a change of the debtor?s person, a concept having roman origins, that, in this case, would mean the discharge of a liability with the release of the debtor and the emergence of a new liability taken over by the new debtor; one and the other casually related. article 1156 of the spanish civil code includes it as one of the possible ways of discharging liabilities, but in the more detailed regulation of articles 1203 et seq, appears rather as an assumption of modification than as a discharge of liabilities. such a regulation and the modification-discharge tension which goes along with this institute is the product of the evolution undergone by it from the adoption of the roman law on.
Incidencia de sepsis urinaria en el paciente instrumentado
Gallardo Gálvez,Jorge;
Revista Cubana de Cirug?-a , 2000,
Abstract: a descriptive and prospective study about the incidence of arinary sepsis on the catheterized patient was carried out. the universe was composed of 64 patients that attended the urology department of the "aleida fernández chardiet" general teaching hospital due to low obstructive urinary diseases that required urological catheterization from july to december, 1996. the objectives of this study were to know the clinical manifestations following contreterization and to show that when the technique is correctly applied the urinary sepsis may be prevented. urinary catheterization its diversity, technique and different uses were explained. the bacterial culture was positive between 30 and 40 % of these patients. the most frequent symptoms were urethral ardor and fever with chills. it was recommended an adequate application of the technique by the medical and paramedical personnel in charge of catheterization
Bases legales de la actuación médica ante el uso de drogas ilícitas en Cuba
Gálvez Cabrera,Elisa;
Revista Cubana de Medicina General Integral , 2005,
Abstract: cuba, as a proof of its concern in keeping away from drugs, signs the international agreements, takes an active part in the sessions convoked on this regard and, in accordance with the obligations assumed as a signatory country, adopts the administrative and legal measures in relation to the principles and resolutions established by these conventions that constitute the legal bases of medical acting in the case of use of street drugs in the country. the content of these legal bases supports the correct acting of the physician and his team when these substances are used, and any deviation or nonfulfilment will be the object of the application of the administrative, civilian or legal measures established in the cuban legislation. motivated by the interest of making known some of the juridical decrees in that respect, we made this bibliographic review in order to contribute to the permanent educative work directed to the prevention and control of the inadequate use of drugs.

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