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Gum Chewing and Cognition: An Overview  [PDF]
Lara Tucha, Janneke Koerts
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2012.33028
Abstract: In recent years, there was a debate about the effects of gum chewing on various aspects of cognitive functioning. In this review, the results of previous studies are presented and summarized. There is a clear indication that gum chewing can improve various aspects of cognitive functioning including memory, attention and both executive and intellectual functioning. However, there is also clear evidence that chewing gum during cognitive tasks can adversely affect task performance. Therefore, it can be concluded that the replication of (beneficial or detrimental) effects of gum chewing on cognition has been proven to be very difficult. Consequently, the robustness of reported effects of gum chewing on cognition has to be questioned. Suggestions for future research are given.
Demands, Resources and the Three Dimensions of Flow at Work. A Study among Professional Nurses  [PDF]
Lara Colombo, Margherita Zito
Open Journal of Nursing (OJN) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojn.2014.44030

Within the healthcare context is very important to foster the dynamics leading to positive experiences at work, in order to promote work motivation and well-being. This study investigated the influence of some personal and job resources and of some job demands on the three dimensions (absorption, work enjoyment, intrinsic work motivation) of flow at work, on the basis of Job Demands-Resources Model. Flow at work is an inner experience arising during an activity in which people are immersed, feel motivated and enjoy it. Studies suggest that resources are the main antecedents of the flow experience. Respondents to the questionnaire were 197 nurses. Multiple regressions were performed to detect the resources and the demands that influence the three dimensions of flow at work. As expected, resources positively influenced the dimensions of flow at work, particularly work enjoyment. Job demands positively influenced absorption and negatively influenced the other two dimensions of flow at work. Human resources managers should promote flow at work supporting the availability of resources and monitoring the job demands.

Podcasting: An Effective Tool for Honing Language Students’ Pronunciation?
Lara Ducate,Lara Lomicka
Language Learning and Technology , 2001,
Abstract: This paper reports on an investigation of podcasting as a tool for honing pronunciation skills in intermediate language learning. We examined the effects of using podcasts to improve pronunciation in second language learning and how students’ attitudes changed toward pronunciation over the semester. A total of 22 students in intermediate German and French courses made five scripted pronunciation recordings throughout the semester. After the pronunciation recordings, students produced three extemporaneous podcasts. Students also completed a pre- and post-survey based on Elliott’s (1995) Pronunciation Attitude Inventory to assess their perspectives regarding pronunciation. Students’ pronunciation, extemporaneous recordings, and surveys were analyzed to explore changes over the semester. Data analysis revealed that students’ pronunciation did not significantly improve in regard to accentedness or comprehensibility, perhaps because the16-week long treatment was too short to foster significant improvement and there was no in-class pronunciation practice. The podcast project, however, was perceived positively by students, and they appreciated the feedback given for each scripted recording and enjoyed opportunities for creativity during extemporaneous podcasts. Future studies might seek to delineate more specific guidelines or examine how teacher involvement might be adapted to the use of podcasts as a companion to classroom instruction.
Some apparent obstacles to developing a kantian virtue theory
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2010,
Abstract: several neo-kantians have questioned the standard deontological interpretation of kant's ethical theory. they have also responded to charges of rationalism and rigorism by emphasizing the role of virtues and emotions in kant's view. however, none have defended a fully virtue theoretic interpretation of kant's theory. i claim that virtue theory has much to offer kantians, but that resistance to developing a kantian virtue theory rests on faulty assumptions about virtue theory. in this paper i clear away three apparent obstacles to developing a kantian virtue theory. the first regards his account of the virtues, which i argue is tangential to the issue of whether he can be interpreted as a virtue theorist. the second is kant's codification of moral principles, which i argue is compatible with virtue theory. the third is the apparent explanatory primacy of the categorical imperative, which i argue is not fully supported by the textual evidence.
Las nociones de cooperación y la articulación de los actores en los diálogos Unión Europea-América Latina
Análisis Político , 2008,
Abstract: this paper seeks to identify the different meanings of international cooperation usedin the birregional dialogue between the european union (eu) and latin america (la). with this aim, we critically analyzed the explicit and implicit content in ministerial declarations, as well as those of heads of statesfrom the eu and la. we first describe the process and the actors involved in the construction of birregional cooperation policy and we analyze both regions'main features. we then explore the different meanings of cooperation and their implications for the relations between the eu and la.
Las políticas de atracción de inversión en infraestructura pública. Estado actual y futuros desarrollos
Revista de Ingeniería , 2010,
Abstract: the colombian government is currently formulating the national development plan, which will give special emphasis to infrastructure. this document analyses several aspects of infrastructure development, including the evolution of private funding, recent delays, and the need for finance through attracting investment. these central themes for colombian infrastructure respond to both current and future needs, and will require good governance, best practices, and increased institutional support.
Saúde do trabalhador: considera??es a partir da crítica da economia política
Lara, Ricardo;
Revista Katálysis , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-49802011000100009
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to analyze worker health, based on a criticism of political economy. it seeks to understand the causes of illnesses and accidents among workers, and to highlight elements to consider the struggles of the working class in the realm of health, principally concerning public policies and union practices. it infers that under contemporary labor relations, workers get ill and have accidents due to the intensified pace of production, whether in activities on the factory floor or in scientific management of labor.
Pesquisa e Servi?o Social: da concep??o burguesa de ciências sociais à perspectiva ontológica
Lara, Ricardo;
Revista Katálysis , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-49802007000300008
Abstract: the purpose of this article is to question the bourgeois concept of social sciences, to present a brief history of research in social work and to present the first steps of the 'ontologic perspective' as a theoretical-methodological reference, with a focus on the production of knowledge in the current academic world. the considerations warn that research and theoretical clarification for social assistants in the current situation become their principal means of work, because it is from the systematization of the social reality that the professional has the ability to act with greater security and to give possible responses that would be accepted by the social objectivity. the study begins by locating social work as a profession that has been guaranteeing its space in the realm of research, principally in relation to studies about expressions of social issues. thus, it maintains that the objects of social science research emerge from a concrete reality and establish their mediations in a society that produces and reproduces by means of unreconcilable contradictions.
Imaging the brain: visualising “pathological entities”? Searching for reliable protocols within psychiatry and their impact on the understanding of psychiatric diseases
Lara Huber
Poiesis & Praxis , 2009, DOI: 10.1007/s10202-008-0055-1
Abstract: Face à l’augmentation nette des visualisations qui se base sur l’imagerie médicale ces derniers décennies, la présence des coupes du cerveau codé en couleur qui ont générées sur des applications fonctionelles a contribué à la supposition de pouvoir extrapoler si un individu est affecté par un syndrome neurologique, neuropsychologique ou psychiatrique des profils cognitives (“kinds” of brains). Dans le contexte clinique, il est notamment indispensable de remarquer que des visualisations qui se base sur l’imagerie médicale sont suggestive à plus d’un point de vue. Les enregistrements de l’imagerie médicale ne seulement visualisent des entités pathologiques, mais aussi représentent les états psychophysiques d’une manière objective et concrète. D’une vue epistemologique, cet article débat des aspects clé des visualisations qui se base sur des applications fonctionelles des neurosciences.
Educació Ambiental i Recerca-Acció
Ramon Lara
Temps d'Educació , 1995,

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