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El registro arqueobotánico en el sitio Arroyo Malo 3, alto valle del Atuel, Mendoza, Argentina
Intersecciones en antropolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: this work presents the analysis of the plant remains obtained from the archaeological site of arroyo malo 3 (ama-3) by means of sediment flotation. the purpose is to evaluate the formation process of the archaeobotanical record, explore the role of vegetable resources and their importance to the subsistence of late holocene human populations in highland areas, and hence contribute to testing the intensification pattern proposed for the region. of the 342 specimens identified, 5 families were recognized: chenopodiaceae, anacardiaceae, cactaceae, asteraceae and cyperaceae.
La notación del intérprete: La construcción de un paisaje cultural a modo de huella material sobre Valparaíso
Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Dise?±o y Comunicaci?3n. Ensayos , 2012,
Abstract: the concept of landscape is a cultural construction, in wich the experience takes shape as a material sprint. the subject and it's interpretation from the experience, elaborates a type of notation that ultimately constructs a time and space as a social product. this strategy proposes the construction of a place beyond the praxis or a kind of rhetorical lecture. the space and it's material representation as the composition of a place, puts the identity concept as a cultural reference that link the sign, the tectonic space and its ways of retention as a local cultural ground. to acknowledge belonging as identity and interpretation as appropriation, a type of heterotopic and open action feld is formed, because it englobes the differences as a process of habitability in relation to the context and language, inter-mixing spacial practices and tectonicities as entropic marks. this way, the notation of the interpreter and it's tangible sprint opens a world of languages.
El registro arqueobotánico en el sitio Arroyo Malo 3, alto valle del Atuel, Mendoza, Argentina The Archaeobotanical Record Of The Arroyo Malo-3 Site, Atuel Highland Valley, Mendoza, Argentina
Carina Llano
Intersecciones en Antropología , 2008,
Abstract: El presente trabajo expone el análisis de los macrorrestos recuperados mediante la técnica de flotación en el sitio arqueológico Arroyo Malo 3 (AMA-3). Sus propósitos son: evaluar los procesos de formación del registro arqueobotánico, explorar el rol de los recursos vegetales y su importancia en la subsistencia de las poblaciones humanas del Holoceno tardío en las áreas de altura, y poner a prueba el modelo de intensificación propuesto para la región. De los 342 especímenes identificados taxonómicamente, se reconocieron 5 familias: Chenopodiaceae, Anacardiaceae, Cactaceae, Asteraceae y Cyperaceae. This work presents the analysis of the plant remains obtained from the archaeological site of Arroyo Malo 3 (AMA-3) by means of sediment flotation. The purpose is to evaluate the formation process of the archaeobotanical record, explore the role of vegetable resources and their importance to the subsistence of late Holocene human populations in highland areas, and hence contribute to testing the intensification pattern proposed for the region. Of the 342 specimens identified, 5 families were recognized: Chenopodiaceae, Anacardiaceae, Cactaceae, Asteraceae and Cyperaceae.
Efectos de desbordamiento interregional en Espa a: Una estimación a través del modelo input-output interregional
Carlos Llano
Investigaciones Regionales , 2009,
Abstract: En esta nota se presenta un modelo input-output interregional de la economía espa ola referido al a o 1995, que ha sido estimado a partir de una amplia colección de tablas input-output uni-regionales y de matrices de comercio interregionales estimadas a partir de flujos de transporte de mercancías. A partir de este modelo, y mediante la aplicación del método de extracción hipotética, se cuantifica la capacidad de arrastre de cada comunidad autónoma sobre el resto de la economía espa ola a través de las vinculaciones sectoriales de la demanda intermedia.
Two characterizations of simple circulant tournaments
Bernardo Llano
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: The \textit{acyclic disconnection} $\overrightarrow{\omega }(D)$ (resp. the \textit{directed triangle free disconnection } $\overrightarrow{\omega }_{3}(D)$) of a digraph $D$ is defined as the maximum possible number of connected components of the underlying graph of $D\setminus A(D^{\ast })$ where $D^{\ast }$ is an acyclic (resp. a directed triangle free) subdigraph of $D$. In this paper, we generalize some previous results and solve some problems posed by V. Neumann-Lara (The acyclic disconnection of a digraph, Discrete Math. 197/198 (1999), 617-632). Let $\overrightarrow{C}_{2n+1}(J)$ be a circulant tournament. We prove that $\overrightarrow{C}_{2n+1}(J)$ is $\overrightarrow{% \omega }$-keen and $\overrightarrow{\omega _{3}}$-keen, respectively, and $% \overrightarrow{\omega }(\overrightarrow{C}_{2n+1}(J))=\overrightarrow{% \omega }_{3}(\overrightarrow{C}_{2n+1}(J))=2$ for every $\overrightarrow{C}% _{2n+1}(J)$. Finally, it is showed that $\overrightarrow{\omega }_{3}(% \overrightarrow{C}_{2n+1}(J))=2$, $\overrightarrow{C}_{2n+1}(J)$ is simple and $J$ is aperiodic are equivalent propositions.
Some Implications of an Alternate Equation for the BCS Energy Gap  [PDF]
Gulshan Prakash Malik, Manuel de Llano
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2013.44A002

A set of generalized-BCS equations (GBCSEs) was recently derived from a temperature-dependent Bethe-Salpeter equation and shown to deal satisfactorily with the experimental data comprising the Tcs and the multiple gaps of a variety of high-temperature superconductors (SCs). These equations are formulated in terms of the binding energies W1(T),W2(T),… of Cooper pairs (CPs) bound via one- and more than one-phonon exchange mechanisms; they contain no direct reference to the gap/s of an SC. Applications of these equations so far were based on the observation that for elemental SCs |W01|=0 at T = 0 inthe limit of the dimensionless BCS interaction parameter λ0. Here 0 is the zero-temperature gap whence it follows that the binding energy of a CP bound via one-phonon exchanges at T = 0 is 2|W01|. In this note we carry out a detailed comparison between the GBCSE-based W1(T) and the BCS-based energy gap (T) for all 0TTc and realistic, non-vanishingly-small values of λ. Our study is based on the experimental values of Tc Debye temperature , and ?0 of several selected elements including the “bad actors” such as Pb and Hg. It is thus established that the equation for W1(T)

La crisis internacional y cambiaria de fin de siglo en Colombia
Urrutia,Miguel; Llano,Jorge;
Desarrollo y Sociedad , 2011,
Abstract: this article is part of a larger project (urrutia and llano, 2011) on the economic crisis in the last years of the twentieth century in colombia (1998-2000). it had various causes including the international crisis in asia and russia at the time, the end of a local housing bubble and an accompanying banking crisis concentrated in institutions with a large loan book in real estate loans, and a persistent fiscal deficit. in this article we concentrate on the effects of the external shock, the resulting reform of the foreign exchange rate system, local and external interest rates, and the effect of these on aggregate demand. the depth of the crisis in terms of falls in gdp per capita and increases in unemployment was due to the fact that the reversal of capital flows coincided with a real estate mortgage and banking crisis. another aspect of the article concerns how the external shock led to a reform of the foreign exchange rate regime and the way monetary policy was carried out for inflation targeting.
Oralidad quechua y escritura en castellano: poesía escrita en el Perú
de LLano,Aymara;
Cuadernos de la Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales. Universidad Nacional de Jujuy , 2002,
Abstract: quechua oral poems were written a long time ago by authors who live in peruvian lands. we can study them in an anthology made by julio noriega, who had recollected and traduced them; so, we have now a bilingual version called poesía quechua escrita en el perú. it offers heterogeneous themes but there is something common between them: the subject constructed as a "migrante" subject. antonio cornejo polar and julio noriega had studied this special kind of descendant from the incas. this characteristical way to explain oneself breaks out non traditional text. anyway the problem is not over because of the extreme distance between orality and scripture.
Changes in aminic nitrogen of silages
Revuelta Llano,Danilo;
Revista Ciencias T??cnicas Agropecuarias , 2012,
Abstract: this paper investigated quantitative changes of aminic nitrogen as a important protein breakdown parameter in laboratory scale silages.the experiments were performed from november to april (rainy season) of 2010 year at the agronomy faculty of chianga (13km from huambo city) in angola. it showed that increasing aminic nitrogen below threefold value is a reasonable guide for optimal protein preservation in silages. the potenciometric formol method for aminic nitrogen determination is simple, rapid and economic. it is recommended this chemical analysis for routine control of silage quality.
Tumor de la confluencia hiliar hepática (Klatskin)
Casta?o Llano,Rodrigo;
Revista Colombiana de Gastroenterologia , 2011,
Abstract: this is a clinical case of a 71-year-old man with an obstructive lesion of the hepatic hilum, the clinical, imaging studies and the lab tests suggest a klatskin tumor, which was managed by percutaneous biliary drainage to relieve the jaundice. in this review we consider the pathogenetic factors of these tumors, a new anatomic classification and the various alternative imaging studies, emphasizing the bismuth-corlette classification. confront palliative alternatives, such as different types of endoscopic stents or percutaneous approach, drainage extension (uni or bilateral). finally, we review the surgical aspects and possibilities of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in these tumors.

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