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La comunidad indígena y sus derechos: debates en torno a la ética de la investigación en ciencias sociales
Milmaniene,Magali Paula;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2010,
Abstract: a critical analysis of the main documents of ethics of research is carried out ─nüremberg code (1947), helsinki declaration (1964), belmont report ethical principles and guidelines for the protection of human subjects in research (1979), international ethical guidelines for biomedical research involving human subject ciomsoms, (1982) and unesco declaration on bioethics and human rights (2005)─. those documents focus on the protection of individual autonomy. also, some critical philosophy and ethics views that challenge the hegemony of this ethics conception are analyzed. finally, through the indigenous yanomami community from brazil as a case analysis, it will be considered how social research with indigenous communities challenges the autonomous perspective and allows presenting a communitarian view on ethics.
Hacia una ética de la investigación orientada a la protección de las comunidades y los grupos étnicos
Milmaniene,Magalí Paula;
Anuario de investigaciones , 2009,
Abstract: diverse specialists have pointed out, from the beginning of bioethics, the necessity to protect individuals and vulnerable people from undesirable effects of participating in research. nevertheless, some critics have asserted that, even though protection of individual rights is unquestionably important, it is not enough to guarantee the ethical condition in a research. thus, it is vitally important the safekeeping and safeguard of communities and ethnics groups involved in health research. the analysis of elements and conditions that define the way the community participates in research will allow ethical evaluation on their protection. this article has two challenges, on the one hand, to analyze current conditions of ethical research, in the other, to promote research ethics focuses and based on socio-cultural singularities and particularism.

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