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Cell adhesion molecules in Drosophila synapse development and function
MingKuan Sun,Wei Xie
Science China Life Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.1007/s11427-012-4273-3
Abstract: Synapse is a highly specialized inter-cellular structure between neurons or between a neuron and its target cell that mediates cell-cell communications. Ample results indicate that synaptic adhesion molecules are critically important in modulating the complexity and specificity of the synapse. And disruption of adhesive properties of synapses may lead to neurodevelopmental or neurodegenerative diseases. In this review, we will use the Drosophila NMJ as a model system for glutamatergic synapses to discuss the structure and function of homophilic and heterophilic synaptic adhesion molecules with special focus on recent findings in neurexins and neuroligins in Drosophila.
地质学报 , 2015,
Abstract: Themorphology,REEgeochemistryandU-PbgeochronologyofzirconsfromquartzmonzodioriteintheSunzhuangarea,FanshiCounty,ShanxiProvincearepresentedinthisstudy.Thezirconcrystalscanbeclassifiedintofourmaintypesas:AB,L,SandP,and24subtypessuchasAB4,AB5,L5,andS3.Themaximumcrystallizationtemperatureofzirconwasestimatedas850°C,withtheminimumof550°C.Thepeaktemperaturesofthezirconcrystallizationrangefrom650°Cto700°C.TheabundancesofThandUinthezircongrainsshowlargevariationwiththeTh/Uvalues>0.4.TheThandUvaluesalsoshowapositivecorrelationinmostzircons.TheREEabundanceofzirconinthequartzmonzodioriterangesfrom280.4ppmto2143ppmwithanaverageof856.4ppm.ThechondritenormalizedzirconREEpatternsshowtwotypes,oneischaracterizedbyHREEenrichmentandLREEdepletionwithpositiveCe-anomalyandnegativeEu-anomalywhereastheotherisHREEenrichedandLREEdepletedwithnegativeEu-anomalybutwithoutpositiveCe-anomaly,andrelativelyflatpatterns.TheLA-ICP-MSU-Pbgeochronologyonthezirconsyieldsameanageof133±0.87Ma.Ourdataonzirconmorphology,compositionandU-PbgeochronologyrevealthattheparentmagmaofthequartzmonzodioritewhichwasemplacedduringlateYanshanianhadamixedcrust-mantlesource,withcrustalcomponentsdominating.Themagmaisinferredtohavebeenwaterrichandalkalinewithinitialhighoxygenfugacity.Post-magmatichydrothermalactivityoccurredunderrelativelyreducingconditionswhichwasconductiveforgoldprecipitationintheYixingzhaigolddeposit.
Establishment of Real Time Allele Specific Locked Nucleic Acid Quantitative PCR for Detection of HBV YIDD (ATT) Mutation and Evaluation of Its Application
Yongbin Zeng, Dezhong Li, Wei Wang, Mingkuan Su, Jinpiao Lin, Huijuan Chen, Ling Jiang, Jing Chen, Bin Yang, Qishui Ou
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0090029
Abstract: Background Long-term use of nucleos(t)ide analogues can increase risk of HBV drug-resistance mutations. The rtM204I (ATT coding for isoleucine) is one of the most important resistance mutation sites. Establishing a simple, rapid, reliable and highly sensitive assay to detect the resistant mutants as early as possible is of great clinical significance. Methods Recombinant plasmids for HBV YMDD (tyrosine-methionine-aspartate-aspartate?)and YIDD (tyrosine-isoleucine-aspartate-aspartate?)were constructed by TA cloning. Real time allele specific locked nucleic acid quantitative PCR (RT-AS-LNA-qPCR) with SYBR Green I was established by LNA-modified primers and evaluated with standard recombinant plasmids, clinical templates (the clinical wild type and mutant HBV DNA mixture) and 102 serum samples from nucleos(t)ide analogues-experienced patients. The serum samples from a chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patient firstly received LMV mono therapy and then switched to LMV + ADV combined therapy were also dynamically analyzed for 10 times. Results The linear range of the assay was between 1×109 copies/μl and 1×102 copies/μl. The low detection limit was 1×101 copies/μl. Sensitivity of the assay were 10?6, 10?4 and 10?2 in the wild-type background of 1×109 copies/μl, 1×107 copies/μl and 1×105 copies/μl, respectively. The sensitivity of the assay in detection of clinical samples was 0.03%. The complete coincidence rate between RT-AS-LNA-qPCR and direct sequencing was 91.2% (93/102), partial coincidence rate was 8.8% (9/102), and no complete discordance was observed. The two assays showed a high concordance (Kappa = 0.676, P = 0.000). Minor variants can be detected 18 weeks earlier than the rebound of HBV DNA load and alanine aminotransferase level. Conclusions A rapid, cost-effective, high sensitive, specific and reliable method of RT-AS-LNA-qPCR with SYBR Green I for early and absolute quantification of HBV YIDD (ATT coding for isoleucine) variants was established, which can provide valuable information for clinical antiretroviral regimens.

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