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Reducing Land Degradation on the Highlands of Kilimanjaro Region: A Biogeographical Perspective  [PDF]
Christine Noe
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2014.413043

In 2012, governments across the world adopted “The Future We Want” outcome document in Rio De Janeiro as a commitment to achieve a land-degradation-neutral world. This document reasserts the importance of sustainable land management in the top of the debates on sustainable development. This paper provides an overview of Tanzania’s preparedness towards achieving these global objectives. The paper is based on a keynote address which was presented in the conference on reducing land degradation on the highlands of Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania. Using a biogeographical perspective, the paper assesses challenges of adopting programmatic approach to sustainable land management in Tanzania. It also presents some opportunities that exist through Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, which promote actions leading to coordination, mobilization and channeling of financial resources to assist member countries to coordinate and sustain sustainable land management projects.

El pie plano en el ni o
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1948,
La cirugía musculo tendinosa en el tratamiento de las secuelas de poliomielitis
Revista chilena de pediatría , 1946,
Mountain Pass Theorem With infinite symmetry
Noe Barcenas
Mathematics , 2012,
Abstract: We extend a work of Bartsch, Clapp and Puppe on the Mountain pass theorems. We consider functionals invariant with respect to infinite discrete groups satisfying a maximality condition on the finite subgroups.
Nonlinearity, Proper Actions and Equivariant Stable Cohomotopy
Noe Barcenas
Mathematics , 2013,
Abstract: In this article we extend the classical definitions of equivariant cohomotopy theory to the setting of proper actions of Lie groups. We combine methods originally developed in the analysis of nonlinear differential equations, mainly in connection with Leray-Schauder theory, and on the other hand from developments of equivariant $K$-Theory by N.C. Phillips. We prove the correspondence with a previous construction of W. L\"uck by constructing an index. As an illustration of these methods, we introduce a Burnside ring defined in analytical terms. With this definition, we extend a weak version of the Segal Conjecture to a certain family of Lie groups and comment the relation to an invariant in Gauge Theory, due to Bauer and Furuta.
Twisted Geometric K-homology for Proper actions of discrete groups
Noe Barcenas
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: We define twisted equivariant K-homology groups using geometric cycles. We compare them with approaches using Kasparov KK-Theory and (twisted) group C*-algebras.
Genetic Algorithms for multimodal optimization: a review
Noe Casas
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: In this article we provide a comprehensive review of the different evolutionary algorithm techniques used to address multimodal optimization problems, classifying them according to the nature of their approach. On the one hand there are algorithms that address the issue of the early convergence to a local optimum by differentiating the individuals of the population into groups and limiting their interaction, hence having each group evolve with a high degree of independence. On the other hand other approaches are based on directly addressing the lack of genetic diversity of the population by introducing elements into the evolutionary dynamics that promote new niches of the genotypical space to be explored. Finally, we study multi-objective optimization genetic algorithms, that handle the situations where multiple criteria have to be satisfied with no penalty for any of them. Very rich literature has arised over the years on these topics, and we aim at offering an overview of the most important techniques of each branch of the field.
A review of landmark articles in the field of co-evolutionary computing
Noe Casas
Computer Science , 2015,
Abstract: Coevolution is a powerful tool in evolutionary computing that mitigates some of its endemic problems, namely stagnation in local optima and lack of convergence in high dimensionality problems. Since its inception in 1990, there are multiple articles that have contributed greatly to the development and improvement of the coevolutionary techniques. In this report we review some of those landmark articles dwelving in the techniques they propose and how they fit to conform robust evolutionary algorithms
Interacción entre calidad de restos vegetales, descomposición y fertilidad del suelo en el desierto del Monte de Argentina
Noe,Laura; Abril,Adriana;
Ecolog?-a austral , 2008,
Abstract: although there is abundant information on decomposition processes and litter quality in deserts, little is known about the integrated effect of both factors on soil fertility. we evaluated, in the monte desert (mendoza, argentina), during one year: a) the chemical and biological quality of litter of two woody species (prosopis flexuosa and larrea divaricata) collected after two litter fall events (summer and autumn), b) the decomposition dynamics (weight loss and chemical compound variations) in cages of 1 cm mesh, and c) the changes in fertility of the underlying soil (beneath the cage). litter quality differed between falling dates (summer: more cellulose, phenols and soluble n; autumn: more soluble c) and between species (p. flexuosa: more fiber, total and soluble n and less phenols), while decomposition dynamics was similar between species. in contrast, litter quality (specifically, soluble compound contents) seems to affect the magnitude of changes in the underlying soil fertility. the important decrease in soil microorganisms under l. divaricata is probably due to the high soil exposure to summer insolation. it is concluded that, during the first year, the decomposition process is weakly regulated by litter quality and that the variations detected responded mainly to the monte climatic conditions.
News on $B\to K^{(*)}ν\barν$ in the Standard Model and beyond
Jennifer Girrbach-Noe
Physics , 2014,
Abstract: An analysis of the rare B decays $B\to K^{(*)}\nu\bar\nu$ is presented both within the SM and beyond. The SM predictions for the branching ratios are updated and uncertainties reduced. For the NP analysis both a model independent approach is used and concrete NP models are studied. The relations between $b\to s\nu\bar\nu$ and $b\to s\ell^+\ell^-$ transitions are analysed in detail.

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