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Central Bank Communication, Ambiguity and Market Interest Rates: A Case Study  [PDF]
Carlo Di Giorgio, Enzo Rossi
Modern Economy (ME) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/me.2012.33039
Abstract: We asked a representative sample of European banks to judge messages released by ECB members (from February 1999 to February 2000) in terms of their ambiguity. In this paper, we use our survey to derive a definition of ambiguity and to evaluate ECB communication. A Structural Vector Autoregression model is estimated and the results show that ambiguous messages were able to affect agents’ expectations for a limited period after a speech by ECB members; moreover, they show that ambiguity had temporary effects also on volatility and moved rates away from the policy rate.
Aristóteles y la lluvia, una vez más
Rossi, Gabriela;
Diánoia , 2010,
Abstract: the text of physics 2.8 has been recently interpreted so as to restore the reading that aristotle holds an external, and even an anthropocentric, natural teleology. this reading has been defended by d. furley, and especially by d. sedley. in this paper i present several arguments against this interpretation of the text. thus, i will argue that aristotle does not claim, in this chapter, that it rains for the sake of the growing of the crop, against an opinion which is currently somewhat extended among interpreters.
El Banco Nacional de Suiza: un se?alador flexible de objetivos de inflación
Rossi, Sergio;
Investigación económica , 2009,
Abstract: the monetary-policy strategy that the swiss national bank has been implementing since january 1, 2000 offers an interesting case study for those central banks aiming to refer to a 'principles-based' framework as a valid alternative to a rigidly defined inflation-targeting regime. this paper shows that swiss monetary policy, characterized by its high flexibility degree since the years of monetary targeting, has been able to consider both price stability and economic stabilization in its decision-making process. as a matter of fact, the central bank in switzerland stands ready to allow temporary deviations from its price stability goal, when the domestic economy is (likely to be) suffering from output and employment losses, owing to internal or foreign disturbances or economic shocks. all in all, empirical evidence supports a monetary-policy regime marrying a long-run nominal anchor for price stability -defined by the central bank rather than government- with short-run flexibility in view of actual and expected economic performance in the real sector. inflation-targeting monetary authorities ought to consider moving from a hierarchical view of policy goals to a flexible approach based on sound macroeconomic principles. this case study shows the way for any central banks enjoying a high level of credibility and reputation, and willing to improve the policy record on both (real and monetary) fronts.
Constitución y utilización de la fuerza de trabajo: Relaciones entre la educación y el obrero colectivo
Trabajo y sociedad , 2012,
Abstract: the argument exposed util now was intended to analize in a critical way the relation between work and its more and more complex relation with education, in different aspects. particularly considering education as a contribution to the constitution of labour power and, between living work and education (or speeking precisely, pedagogical practices) in work places. it was in this aspect that the constitution of the colective worker and the need for considering in a more extended way the notion of cooperation was suggested as the axis of the formulation.
Uma família de cultura: os Souza Carneiro na Salvador de inícios do século XX
Rossi, Gustavo;
Lua Nova: Revista de Cultura e Política , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-64452012000100004
Abstract: based on an ethnography of the history of the early twentieth century bahian society, the article addresses the social and familiar trajectory of the journalist, ethnographer, and folklorist edison de souza carneiro (1912-1972). the paper's objectives are twofold: on the one hand, to reconstruct the social and political position of the souza carneiro family among the ruling elites of salvador, especially regarding the effects of their race and blackness in their personal experience, and, on the other hand, to reveal how these familiar, political and ethnic experiences affected the early work of edison carneiro in the late 1920s.
Catalysis by Gold Geoffrey C Bond, Catherine Louis, David T Thompson
Michele Rossi
Gold Bulletin , 2006, DOI: 10.1007/BF03215560
Liberal Democracy and the Challenge of Ethical Diversity
Enzo Rossi
Human Affairs , 2008, DOI: 10.2478/v10023-008-0002-8
Abstract: What do we talk about when we talk about ethical diversity as a challenge to the normative justifiability of liberal democracy? Many theorists claim that liberal democracy ought to be reformed or rejected for not being sufficiently ‘inclusive’ towards diversity; others argue that, on the contrary, liberalism is desirable because it accommodates (some level of) diversity. Moreover, it has been argued that concern for diversity should lead us to favour (say) neutralistic over perfectionist, universalistic over particularistic, participative over representative versions of liberal democracy. This paper provides a conceptual framework to situate those debates, and argues that there are two fundamental ways in which diversity constitutes a challenge to the justificatory status of liberal democracy: consistency (whereby diversity causes clashes between the prescriptions generated by normative political theories), and adequacy (whereby diversity generates a rift between our experience of what is considered valuable and what the theory treats as such).
Aspetti psicosociali nelle funzioni di base
Fabio Rossi
Rivista di Psicologia dell'Emergenza e dell'Assistenza Umanitaria , 2012,
Abstract: One of the principal merits of the Guidelines for mental health and psychosocialsupport in emergency settings issued by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee/IASC has been that of attributing a psychosocial value to all those functions considered“less noble” in such post-emergency settings as rescue camps – the socalledbasic functions. Indeed, a series of psychic connotations is inherent in allthe issues relating to nutrition and safety in alimentation, the logistic of the managementof post-emergency gathering points, and the water supply and the hygienicservices. These psychic connotations are mainly due to the special nature ofthe circumstance, in which such fundamental functions necessarily have manyfeatures of strong social sharing.This article focuses on these basic functions. In particular, it discusses the waythey appeared and have been dealt with during the emergency caused by theearthquake that hit L’Aquila on the 6th of April 2009. To this end, it will be attemptedto do a review of all of the basic functions highlighted by the IASC’sGuidelines, analyzing the psychosocial aspects implicated in them and offering arange of operative instructions on how to protect the mental health of people inthese aspects as well as others.
Tensiones dialécticas en el pragmatismo humanista de William James
Paula Rossi
Límite , 2008,
Abstract: En el presente trabajo me propongo examinar ciertas tensiones dialécticas inherentes al pragmatismo humanista de William James con el propósito de demostrar que las mismas, lejos de dificultar la comprensión de su obra, nos ayudan a dilucidar la siguiente conclusión fundamental de su pensamiento filosófico: la ganancia experiencial meta última de la vida humana es generalmente deudora de la conjunción y convivencia de no-ciones filosóficas en pugna.
There’s no hope : The global economic crisis and the politics of resistance in Southern Europe La crise économique globale et les stratégies de résistance dans le sud de l’Europe : un problème sans issue
Ugo Rossi
Belgeo : Revue Belge de Géographie , 2012,
Abstract: Since 2010 Southern Europe has become the epicentre of the second phase of the global economic crisis that began two years earlier as a consequence of the bursting of the mortgage and financial bubble in the United States. In critical commentaries, this crisis has been understood as a crisis of neoliberalism as a mode of economic-political regulation. In the first part, this paper analyses the transition to a neoliberal mode of economic governance in Italy, understood in terms of “concerted neoliberalism”, particularly looking at its implications for the North-South divide. In the second part, the paper looks at the effects of the global crisis in the Sardinia region, through the lens of the politics of resistance that has taken shape in this context. The paper concludes by reflecting on the limits to a regionalised politics of resistance, calling for an imaginative politics of renaissance at a cross-Southern European scale. Depuis 2010 l’Europe méridionale est devenue l’épicentre de la seconde phase de la crise économique mondiale apparue deux ans plus t t après l’éclatement de la bulle hypothécaire et financière aux Etats-Unis. Cette crise a été interprétée comme une crise du néolibéralisme en tant que mode de régulation économico-politique. Dans un premier temps, cet article analyse la transition vers un mode néolibéral de gouvernance économique en Italie, compris en termes de “néolibéralisme concerté”, et plus particulièrement ses conséquences pour la division Nord-Sud. La seconde partie de l’article est consacrée aux effets de la crise mondiale en Sardaigne, vue à travers le prisme des stratégies de résistance mises en place dans ce contexte. L’article se conclut par une réflexion sur les limites d’une stratégie de résistance à l’échelle régionale, appelant à une politique de renaissance créative au niveau inter-méridional européen.

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