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The Adjust Data with the Laboratory PVT Reports that Are Applied in the Oil Wells Designs  [PDF]
Salazar-Mendoza Rubén
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science (ACES) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aces.2013.34A1003
Abstract: The correlations have been developed with the flash data to predict the multiphase flow and mass transfer in the oil wells designs. Therefore, the laboratory pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) reports require calculation of the flash Oil Formation Volume Factor and the flash Solution Gas/Oil Ratio data starting from Differential Liberation tested data. Once these parameters are known, the oil density and other thermophysical properties can be determined by a complete model for the different states of pressure and temperature in the well during its production life and initial design. The subject of this paper is how to read and make proper use of information contained in the IMP laboratory PVT reports, for the oil wells designs. The discussion is focused on the laboratory report for the well number 407 located in the Maloob field in Mexico.
Determination of Stratigraphy—Soil Types—Using Cone Penetration Test in Sedimentary Deposits in North-East of Argentina  [PDF]
Dante René Bosch, Rubén Rafael Sotelo
Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection (GEP) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/gep.2015.36019
Abstract: One of the main uses of the cone penetration test (CPT) is to determinate the underground stratigraphy identifying the soils types present. Diverse researchers intended to identify the soils in function of results of CPT by means of the use of classification graphics based on empiric correlations. Also, they stand out the necessity to continue getting into these studies and they emphasize that local experiences could differ from the studies carried out. The experience in the NEA region of our country regarding the use of the CPT is recent; it was incorporated by the middle of the 90s. However, its continuous and systematic use in geotechnical studies makes that today it has a big database enough to verify the application of international correlations to the soils of the region. The objective of the work consists of verifying the application of the method of identification of soils to the sedimentary soils of the NEA, by means of the analysis of tests of CPT made in different points of the states of Chaco and Corrientes. The results of the study reveal that a good agreement exists among the stratigraphy obtained from CPT tests and those obtained by traditional methods. Although the analyzed universe of data is not of great magnitude and it should be enlarged, it is concluded in a preliminary way that for the soils of the region a good correlation exists between the classification chart with base in CPT and the traditional Unified Soil Classification System (USCS).
Aprendizaje instrumental en anfibios
Rubén N. Muzio
Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología , 1999,
Abstract: Este trabajo presenta una revisión de los estudios realizados acerca de los mecanismos de aprendizaje en anfibios. Se conoce muy poco acerca de los procesos de aprendizaje en anfibios, y aún menos respecto de las relaciones cerebro-aprendizaje. Recientemente hemos comenzado el estudio sistemático del aprendizaje instrumental en el sapo Bufo arenarum dentro de un marco comparativo. Se observaron diversos fenómenos de aprendizaje comunes a una amplia variedad de vertebrados, tales como la adquisición bajo condiciones de entrenamiento masivo y espaciado, la extinción, la recuperación espontánea, el efecto subsiguiente al refuerzo, y el efecto en al adquisición de la magnitud del reforzamiento. Además, comenzamos el análisis de los efectos sobre el aprendizaje de las lesiones del pallium medial (estructura postulada como homóloga al hipocampo de los mamíferos). La lesión del paIlium medial no tuvo efectos sobre el desempe o ni sobre la tasa de captación de agua durante la adquisición. Pero retardó significativamente la extinción de la respuesta instrumental en un corredor recto. Estos datos sugieren que el palli um medial de los sapos juega un papel en la inhibición de respuestas previamente aprendidas. Los resultados de nuestros estudios en el sapo Bufo arenarum aportan datos origi na1es a la limitada información disponible sobre aprendizaje en anfibios.
Estructura gremial de un ensamble de depredadores de la zona intermareal rocosa en Chile central
Soto F.,Rubén;
Investigaciones marinas , 1996, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-71781996002400008
Abstract: the analysis and identification of guild structure in terrestrial assemblages has been a fundamental aspect in the understanding of the process that determine the communities organization. however, in the marine assemblages this aproximation has been scantily utilized, since in general the studies have been focalized in the taxonomic analysis of communitary components. the aim of this study was to recognize the guild structure of a marine predators assemblage. through a literature review the trophic behavior of nine predators of intertidal rocky shores in central chile was characterized. diet similarities between predatory species were calculated with pianka's index, posteriorly the diet similarity matrix was subjected to a clustering technique. phenogram showed the existence of two statiscally significant trophic guilds. one consists of four invertebrate species: the decapods acanthocyclus gayi and a. hasslery, the muricid concholepas concholepas and the asteroid heliaster helianthus. the second guild was composed of two vertebrate predators: the kelp gull larus dominicanus and the sea otter lutra felina. finally, cases are analized where investigation of the guild structure would be considerably more useful than studies on only one taxonomic component of the species assemblage in an intertidal area.
Zooplankton interactions with the oxygen minimum zone in the eastern south pacific
Gayana (Concepción) , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0717-65382006000300005
Abstract: zooplankton in the coastal upwelling zone off the eastern south pacific must cope with a shallow oxygen minimum zone. in this work, i summarize available information on the zooplankton species that interact with the omz in the upwelling region off northern chile. data are available from the minox cruise carried out in march 2000 and the zomei cruise perfomed in october 2005, both onboard the r/v vidal gormaz of the chilean navy. nineteen species of copepods and 10 of euphausiids were analyzed in their vertical distribution and migrating behavior. several abundante species appeared constrained by the omz and restricted to the upper 50m layer. however, other abundant species inhabit temporarily or permanently the omz contributing substantially to the vertical flux of c produced in the photic zone through active vertical migration. population dynamics and life cycle strategies, as well as metabolic adaptations of the species, may not only modulate their contributions to vertical fluxes of c, but also to the maintenance and persistence of the oxygen-depleted water mass.
La noción de muestra en investigación en psicoanálisis
Subjetividad y procesos cognitivos , 2009,
Abstract: in this paper considerations on the rationality of traditional scientific investigation and of research in psychoanalysis, considered as different from psychoanalytical investigation, are presented. this last one is the use of the method described by freud exclusively in the analytic situation, whereas research in psychoanalysis deals not only with that situation, but also with other two problems: clinical realities and analytic production. the analytic situation as well as the clinical realities constitute an empirical base. on the other hand, an analytic production constitutes a theoretical base. this involves three large types of investigation: empirical (quantitative and qualitative), clinical and conceptual. what is important is to delimit what type of investigation for which type of questions or problems, and this has importance to think about what signifies a sample in research in psychoanalysis, that can go from an unique case to multicentric studies with hundreds of subjects studied. thus, the proposal entails differentiating the traditional representative sample of a population -in its context of justification- from the significant sample, in its context of discovery, and in psychoanalysis in its context of application. a significant sample is one that generates hypothesis abductively, independently of the quantity, but with great heuristic potential. clinical examples of both types of samples in relation with the notions of evidence and empirical support are described.
Revista de la Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales , 2011,
Abstract: research on intelligence has interested psychologists, philosophers, educators and the general public during several centuries. human society greatly values intelligence and considers it a decesive factor in educational achievement, work success and the socioeconomic development of countries. the concept of intelligence and its measurement is analyzed, including the types of intelligence(s), fluid and crystalized intelligence, ontogenetic develoment, the evolutionary origins of intelligence, and related topics. the research problems to be investigated in this area are presented. intelligence as adaptation capacity to a changing environment has had a decisive importance in the phylogenetic evolution of human beings.
Leal Riquelme,Rubén;
Alpha (Osorno) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22012011000200010
Abstract: in the present work we propose to show that the idea of “lived-projected” is a useful instrument to continue the study of the theory of motives. in this context, we will reflect about the notion of “lived-projected”, for it seems to us that it can be assumed as a methodological resource to interpret the projects of action and, at the same time, to avoid some kind of dualism. then, our purpose is to reflect about some types of links that the conscience of the actor, in the process of the articulation of lived experiences can establish when, especially, the intention is to develop social relationships with other actors in current life. we believe that the idea of “lived-projected” and its application can go further than the epistemological studies. we think that it is possible to be applied into the field of ethics and especially in the relationships that a teacher establishes with his/her students. indeed, we focus the analysis in this last case.
Leal Riquelme,Rubén;
Alpha (Osorno) , 2006, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22012006000200012
Abstract: every day life is a realm where actor live, where they express their action projects, where schutz applies his action theory. his researches deal with inter subjective relations among social actors. the scientific observer, on his own, also studies every day life, but upon doing it he makes an interpretation of the conscience of the actor living in that realm. this author, using phenomenology as method-therory transcedens inmanent interpretations about conscience to propose instead a social epistemology
A Short Note On M-Symmetric Hyperelliptic Riemann Surfaces
Hidalgo,Rubén A;
Cubo (Temuco) , 2010, DOI: 10.4067/S0719-06462010000100015
Abstract: we provide an argument, based on schottky groups, of a result due to b. maskit which states a necessary and sufficient condition for the double oriented cover of a planar compact klein surface of algebraic genus at least two to be a hyperelliptic riemann surface.

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