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An Alternative View to the Cause of Market Failures: A Dynamic Approach  [PDF]
Salvador Contreras
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2014.47069

This paper presents an alternative view to the cause and size of market failures. The work here suggest that the size of the market failure is not man made per se but rather given a full set of initial conditions it is endogenous to the dynamical forces at play. It is shown that the level and variance of market failures is tied to the location of the steady state (i.e. level of development). The paper finds that only changes to the location of the steady state produces changes to the potential level of the market failure. This paper adds to the increasing body of literature the notion that institutional change is not a sufficient condition to sustained economic development.

Development of an Agent-Based Model and Its Application to the Estimation of Global Carbon Emissions  [PDF]
Paula Castesana, Salvador Puliafito
Low Carbon Economy (LCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/lce.2013.44A003

With the purpose of studying the influence of population dynamics and economic growth on energy consumption and carbon emissions, an endogenous economic growth model is proposed incorporating physical and human capital and using an Agent-Based Model. The model can test different development strategies by identifying the key factors existing at the agent level that may speed up or slow down a given path, and therefore it is an interesting tool to develop and to test mitigation and/or adaptation measures. Favorable scenarios may be possible in societies that encourage investment in human capital through education and technological development, provided that this is accompanied by a reduction in consumption rates and the creation of physical capital by the population. Moreover, this model shows that human capital resulting from education not only raises productivity, but also plays a key role in the development and adoption of new technologies that drive long-term growth.

Más allá de los altares. Un obispo de Felipe V frente al régimen de ingresos parroquiales en Yucatán, 1715 1728
Aguirre Salvador, Salvador
Hispania Sacra : Revista de Historia Eclesiástica , 2011,
Abstract: In this article there is analyzed the management of the bishop of Yucatan, Juan Gómez de Parada, especially his reform to the parochial charges, in the frame of a period of critique to the clergy in the Spanish empire, and especially to the friars, on the part of the new monarchy of Philip V. Though the historiography on the Church of Yucatan already has emphasized the reforms stimulated by the bishop Juan Gómez de Parada, Nevertheless one neither has penetrated into them one nor has linked them to the new ecclesiastic policies of Philip V. Undoubtedly, the government of this bishop was marked by new winds reformists. En este artículo se analiza la gestión del obispo de Yucatán, Juan Gómez de Parada, en especial su reforma a los derechos parroquiales, en el marco de un periodo de crítica al clero en el imperio espanol, y en especial a los religiosos, por parte de la nueva monarquía de Felipe V. Aunque la historiografía sobre la Iglesia de Yucatán ya ha destacado las reformas impulsadas por el obispo Juan Gómez de Parada, sin embargo no se ha profundizado en ellas ni se les ha vinculado a las nuevas políticas eclesiásticas de Felipe V. Sin duda, el gobierno de este obispo estuvo marcado por nuevos vientos reformistas.
Bottom-Up Analysis of Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions, with Particular Emphasis on Human Capital Investment  [PDF]
Paula Castesana, Salvador Enrique Puliafito
Low Carbon Economy (LCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/lce.2013.44A001

Short-term and mid-term projections of energy consumption and carbon emissions raise significant concern about the availability of the necessary energy resources to meet the growing demand and about the impact of emissions on global change. Different macroeconomic models address this issue through global variables, such as gross domestic product, production of goods and services, total population and natural resources extraction. However, the relations among these variables are neither linear nor simple. In an attempt to base said relations on a “bottom-up” perspective, the individual behavior of representative agents of economy, in terms of energy consumption and related carbon emissions, was studied, with particular emphasis on their investment in human capital. It was found that a higher investment in human capital (e.g., education, research) was translated into a better distribution of consumption, with a higher level of energy efficiency and a slight improvement in carbon emissions intensity.

Sequence determinants of protein aggregation: tools to increase protein solubility
Salvador Ventura
Microbial Cell Factories , 2005, DOI: 10.1186/1475-2859-4-11
Abstract: In the last decade, protein aggregation has moved beyond being a mostly ignored area of protein chemistry to become a key topic both in medical and biotechnological sciences [1]. The biological significance of protein deposition has been shown to be much higher than formerly thought. First, because the presence of insoluble protein deposits in human tissues correlates with the development of some debilitating human disorders of growing incidence such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, type II diabetes and the transmissible spongiform encephalopathies [2-4]. Second, because it has been shown than under cellular stress conditions, such us severe heat, massive protein misfolding exceeds the buffering capacity of the folding quality machinery and results in the aggregation of proteins, which usually results in cell death [5,6]. Finally, the use of bacteria as factories for recombinant expression is limited by their intrinsic tendency to accumulate the target protein into inactive insoluble aggregates, called inclusion bodies (IBs). IBs are dense, amorphous protein deposits that can be found in both the cytoplasmic and periplasmic space of bacteria [7-11]. In fact, the formation of IBs is the main bottleneck in protein production, narrowing the spectrum of relevant polypeptides obtained by recombinant techniques and hampering the development of top priority research areas such as the de novo design of novel proteins, the rational modification of natural proteins or structural and functional genomics. The rising recognition of the crucial significance of protein aggregation has resulted in a number of recent reviews [12-19]. This review focuses mainly on the role played by intrinsic polypeptide properties in protein aggregation.One should distinguish between precipitates, in which proteins maintain the native folded conformation and aggregates, in which proteins adopt new non-native structures. The first type of self-assembly is generated during random precipita
Homicidio masculino en Ciudad Juárez: Costos de las masculinidades subordinadas
Cruz, Salvador;
Frontera norte , 2011,
Abstract: the high rates of male homicide in ciudad juárez in 2008 and 2009, which claimed almost four thousand lives, constitutes the main expression of urban violence. this violence has taken its toll on young, mostly marginalized men. the data show that male homicide has characteristics associated with traditional meanings of masculinity, the cost of which affects life itself. this phenomenon can be regarded as a male activity, because of the schedules, settings and style of the executions, which exploit a form of subjectivity with a tendency towards violence, which reproduces the gender asymmetries and meanings associated with the male-female dichotomy.
Une forme de sacralisation de la nature: les mouvements de défense des animaux
Salvador, Juan;
Horizontes Antropológicos , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-71832001000200005
Abstract: cet article tente d'éclairer une tendance historique lourde concernant, au premier chef et mis à part quelques notables exceptions, les pays les plus anciennement industrialisés: le retour de la sacralisation de la nature. il traite ce thème sous l'angle partiel de l'indifférenciation animal-humain appuyée par l'argumentation scientifique ou celle des mouvements de défense des animaux. les mouvements de défense des animaux ne sont pas seulement le fait du sentimentalisme individuel bourgeois qui valorise la sphère privée. des scientifiques éthologistes, anthropo-paléontologues, écologues ou biologistes ont renforcé des présupposés nés en pleine période coloniale et d'expansion de l'évolutionnisme. cette pression des "sciences de la nature et de la vie" sur les sciences de l'homme conduit à la même négation de la frontière animal / humain que celle des cercles de protection des animaux et la renforce en lui donnant un légitimité scientifique. au delà du combat entre ceux qui considèrent l'animal comme inférieur et ceux qui prétendent le mettre sur le même plan que l'humain, existent - chez les deux mouvements adverses - des relations symboliques fortes manifestant toutes sortes d'amalgames. on le montrera à partir du cas, sans doute le plus sensible, de la corrida.
La enfermedad de Chagas en la Republica Argentina
Mazza, Salvador;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 1949, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02761949000100011
Abstract: chagas' disease was first known in argentina through lectures and demonstrations held by lozano, maggio and rosenbusch. in 1914 maggio and rosenbusch verified for the first time the infestation of triatoma infestans, one of the most abundant triatomids in argentina, over almost all the country. in 1924 mühlens et col. looking for malaria parasites in a collective survey found the first humans with s. cruzi in their blood. in 1926 mazza found that the dog was naturally infected and diagnosed in 1927 the first human case showing the typical symptomatology decribed by chagas but without micrographical proof of the etiology. in 1932 the first cases with the clinical features described by mazza in argentina were confirmed by him through positive blood microscopy. the number of cases found up to date is 1305 all of them etiologically confirmed by the m. e. p. r. a. the local origin by provinces is known of 1244: 341 (highest number) from chaco; 322 from the province of mendoza and 198 from the province of santa fé. of the 1232 patients whose ages were known, 33 were fatal; of the these, 28 were children in early infancy, 16 of them under 6 months (57%); these represented 14% of all affected at that age (they were 85, giving 6.89% of the total number of cases) . the highest incidence was in children from 5 to 10 years (21.5% of the whole number) followed by the groups of from 2 to 5 years (20.21%) and of 10 to 20 years (20.12%).
Classificatory problems in affine geometry approached by differential equations methods
Revista de la Uni?3n Matem??tica Argentina , 2006,
Abstract: we present in this survey article an account of some examples on the use of nonlinear differential equations, both partial and ordinary, that have been applied to the treatment of classificatory problems in affine geometry of hypersurfaces. locally strongly convex, complete affine hyperspheres is the first topic explained, then hypersurfaces of decomposable type, and, finally, those with parallel second fundamental (cubic) form.
Fundo público e políticas sociais na crise do capitalismo
Salvador, Evilasio;
Servi?o Social & Sociedade , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-66282010000400002
Abstract: the characteristic that has been common to all financial crises in the last 30 years is the appearance of the public fund to bail out bankrupt financial institutions during the banking crises, at the expense of taxes paid by the citizens. financing wealth, financial markets dispute resources from the public fund more and more, which impedes the expansion of social rights. this article aims to discuss the crisis of the capital from the role played by public funds and their impact on the financing of social security in brazil.

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