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Um sopro de Luz e Letra em meio ao caos
Tomazi, Marcelo;
ARS (S?o Paulo) , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1678-53202009000100003
Abstract: in our quest to understand scientific advances, we seek to understand ourselves. employing carl sagan's insight as a departure point, we see that art is one of the paths for humanization and that the links between science (technology) and art are increasingly narrow. one of the artists who best works within the realm known as “art and technology” is eduardo kac. this essay explores kac's early artworks, starting with “holopoems” and arriving at “telepresence art”, and especially his texts. we see a complete artist-theorist, with an unrivaled knowledge of electronic art and literature, in part because his theorizing emerges from having actively participated in the creation of the events he refers to. of special interest is kac's book light & letter: essays in art, literature, and communication, which collects his writings of the 1980s. this is a fundamental work and mandatory reference for the study of the experimental art and literature of the period.
"A escola n o é uma empresa. O neo-liberalismo em ataque ao ensino público" de Christian Laval
Nelson Dacio Tomazi
Eccos Revista Científica , 2005,
Micheline Mattedi Tomazi
Revista Recorte , 2012,
Abstract: The proposal of this article is to present an interpretative reading of lyrics of the song “Angélica”, of Chico Buarque, rescuing on scheme enunciation-enunciation, the linguistics traits that point out the enunciator subjects on a discursive production of the song. In that poem, we believe that when it is constituted, the subjected of enunciation establishes with its interlocutor and the referent directing the sense for a denounces against the silence required in the historical context of the dictatorship, building on poetic enunciation of the song a historical document of a time. We support our interpretative analysis based on the works of Bakhtin (1999), Benveniste (1989-1995), inter alia, contributing somehow, for the rescue of linguistics strategies that direct the meaning of the song for a historical and social dimension.
Desafios da integralidade: revisitando as concep??es sobre o papel do fisioterapeuta na equipe de Saúde da Família
Neves, Laura Maria Tomazi;Aciole, Giovanni Gurgel;
Interface - Comunica??o, Saúde, Educa??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-32832011005000010
Abstract: brazil's main strategy in public health is the family health program; however, the participation of healthcare professionals other than physicians and nurses in primary care activities is incipient. the aim of this study was to perform a systematic review of the academic opinion regarding the physical therapist's role in the family health team. we performed searches in the health virtual library (bvs/bireme/paho/who) from january 1994 to july 2009. the adopted strategy was the intersection of the descriptors: family health program, family health, public health, physical therapy (specialties), physical therapy (modalities). of the 51 located studies, 14 were not available. the remaining studies were analyzed and seven were selected for respecting the inclusion criteria. it was concluded that, despite the efforts, the actions developed by the physical therapist in the family health program are not clearly defined yet.
O uso de amostras peneiradas a dois milímetros subestima a prote??o física da matéria organica no solo
Tomazi, Michely;Bayer, Cimélio;Concei??o, Paulo César;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832011000400026
Abstract: density fractionation is an important tool to determine the physical protection of organic matter within soil aggregates, but results may be affected by the mesh size used to sieve soil samples. the hypothesis of this study is that in comparison to 9.5 mm sieve, sieving through 2 mm mesh results in excessive soil disaggregation by releasing organic matter originally protected within aggregates and consequently leads to underestimations of the carbon content in the occluded light fraction (olf-c) and of the magnitude of physical protection of organic matter within soil aggregates. soil samples (0-5 cm) of five brazilian soils under long-term experiments (9-18 yrs) were collected in the regions center west (4 soils) and south (1 soil), under conventional and conservation soil management systems. based on < 9.5 mm soil samples as reference, an underestimation of 2.9-15.7% of the olf-c pool was observed in comparison to < 2.0 soil samples mm. this effect was more pronounced for conservation soil management systems and positively correlated with soil organic c content (r = 0.92, p < 0.04), macroaggregate mass > 2 mm (r = 0.90, p < 0.02) and aggregate stability index (r = 0.94, p < 0.01). in three of the evaluated soils, the use of < 2.0 mm soil samples led to the erroneous conclusion that conservation soil management systems are not efficient to stabilize organic matter within soil aggregates. therefore, a mesh size of 9.5 mm is indicated to evaluate the physical protection of organic matter in aggregates, or alternatively, the sieves used to prepare soil samples for aggregate stability analysis, i.e., usually greater than 8 mm.
Adverse Events Related to the Use of Central Venous Catheters in Hospitalized Newborns
Franceschi, Alessandra Tomazi;Cunha, Maria Luzia Chollopetz da;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692010000200009
Abstract: this study identifies the adverse events related to the use of central venous catheters (cvc) in newborns admitted to a neonatal care unit. this is a quantitative, descriptive and retrospective study. the population consisted of 167 newborns admitted in the neonatal unit of the hospital de clínicas at porto alegre, rs, brazil which used cvcs inserted through percutaneous puncture (picc) and surgical insertion, totaling 241 catheters. there was a higher prevalence of mechanical adverse events in the picc line insertions, with a preponderance of catheter occlusions (19.44%) and ruptures (8.8%). the surgically inserted cvcs had a higher prevalence of catheter-related infectious adverse events with the most common being clinical sepsis (16%). this study suggests that the correct insertion technique should be used and a specialized team should monitor the cvcs to ensure safety and prevent adverse events.
Artificial perches as a nucleation technique for restoration of a riparian environment: characterization of the seed rain and of natural regeneration
Aline Luiza Tomazi,Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann,Rudi Ricardo Laps
Biotemas , 2010,
Abstract: Riparian habitats are important to the maintenance of ecological processes and environmental services. However, a significant portion of the riparian vegetation in the Brazilian Atlantic forest has been removed in response to increasing human pressure. Therefore, the application of restoration techniques in these habitats becomes essential. In this context, a nucleation model with 18 artificial perches was evaluated for the restoration of a degraded riparian area in Gaspar, Santa Catarina, Brazil, by the characterization of the seed rain and natural regeneration. In two years we collected 21,864 seeds of 51 morphospecies, and recorded 42 colonizing species. Zoochoric seeds belonging to 15 plant families comprised 17% of the seed rain and 19.05% of the spontaneously regenerating plant species. Asteraceae and Poaceae were the most represented families. The artificial perches performed the nucleating function through the increase of zoochoric seed rain. However, possibly due to different barriers that were not evaluated in this study, part of these seeds was not recruited. We recommend the application of this technique for the attraction of dispersers in degraded areas similar to the study site.
Soil organic matter in fire-affected pastures and in an Araucaria forest in South-Brazilian Leptosols
Potes, Mariana da Luz;Dick, Deborah Pinheiro;Santana, Graciele Sarante;Tomazi, Michely;Bayer, Cimélio;
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2012000500011
Abstract: the objective of this work was to evaluate the distribution pattern and composition of soil organic matter (som) and its physical pools of leptosols periodically affected by fire over the last 100 years in south brazil. soil samples at 0-5, 5-10, and 10-15 cm depths were collected from the following environments: native pasture without burning in the last year and grazed with 0.5 livestock per hectare per year (1nb); native pasture without burning in the last 23 years and grazed with 2.0 livestock per hectare per year (23nb); and an araucaria forest (af). physical fractionation was performed with the 0-5 and 5-10 cm soil layers. soil c and n stocks were determined in the three depths and in the physical pools, and organic matter was characterized by infrared spectroscopy and thermogravimetry. the largest c stocks in all depths and physical pools were found under the af. the 23nb environment showed the lowest soil c and n stocks at the 5-15 cm depth, which was related to the end of burning and to the higher grazing intensity. the som of the occluded light fraction showed a greater chemical recalcitrance in 1nb than in 23nb. annual pasture burning does not affect soil c stocks up to 15 cm of depth.
Nitrous oxide and methane fluxes in south Brazilian gleysol as affected by nitrogen fertilizers
Zanatta, Josiléia Acordi;Bayer, Cimélio;Vieira, Frederico C.B.;Gomes, Juliana;Tomazi, Michely;
Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-06832010000500018
Abstract: nitrogen fertilizers increase the nitrous oxide (n2o) emission and can reduce the methane (ch4) oxidation from agricultural soils. however, the magnitude of this effect is unknown in southern brazilian edaphoclimatic conditions, as well as the potential of different sources of mineral n fertilizers in such an effect. the aim of this study was to investigate the effects of different mineral n sources (urea, ammonium sulphate, calcium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, uran, controlled- release n fertilizer, and urea with urease inhibitor) on n2o and ch4 fluxes from gleysol in the south of brazil (porto alegre, rs), in comparison to a control treatment without a n application. the experiment was arranged in a randomized block with three replications, and the n fertilizer was applied to corn at the v5 growth stage. air samples were collected from a static chambers for 15 days after the n application and the n2o and ch4 concentration were determined by gas chromatography. the topmost emissions occurred three days after the n fertilizer application and ranged from 187.8 to 8587.4 μg m-2 h-1 n. the greatest emissions were observed for n-nitric based fertilizers, while n sources with a urease inhibitor and controlled release n presented the smallest values and the n-ammonium and amidic were intermediate. this peak of n2o emissions was related to soil no3--n (r2 = 0.56, p < 0.08) when the soil water-filled pore space was up to 70 % and it indicated that n2o was predominantly produced by a denitrification process in the soil. soil ch4 fluxes ranged from -30.1 μg m-2 h-1 c (absorption) to +32.5 μg m-2 h-1 c (emission), and the accumulated emission in the period was related to the soil nh4+-n concentration (r2 = 0.82, p < 0.001), probably due to enzymatic competition between nitrification and metanotrophy processes. despite both of the gas fluxes being affected by n fertilizers, in the average of the treatments, the impact on ch4 emission (0.2 kg ha-1 equivalent co2-c ) was a hundre
Rela??o entre desvios fonológicos e processamento auditivo
Caumo, Débora Tomazi Moreira;Ferreira, Maria Inês Dornelles da Costa;
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-80342009000200015
Abstract: purpose: to study the relationship between phonological disorder and auditory processing. methods: data were gathered from patients' records, and included individuals with diagnosis of phonological disorder, with seven years old or more, who had carried out auditory processing tests. the study considered auditory processing evaluation, speech evaluation, gender, age, and school grade. results: all subjects (100%) presented at least one subprofile of the auditory processing altered. when compared the presence of substitution and syllabic structure processes to the results of auditory processing tests, a statistically significant correlation was found for the stage of binaural integration in the right ear on the dichotic digits test (p=0.018), and for the naming condition of the pps test (p=0.041). when compared the auditory processing tests to the age variable, there was a statistically significant difference in the psi test in the right ear (p=0.011) for the age range from ten to 12 years. the same result was found in the comparison between auditory processing tests and school grade, in which the right competitive condition of the ssw test (p=0.039) and attention directed to the right on the dichotic digits test (p=0.037) had statistically significant results for the more advanced school grades. conclusions: this study suggested the existence of a close relationship between auditory processing and phonological disorder, especially regarding the performance of the right ear. this finding evidences the importance of investigating the occurrence of deficits in the auditory abilities of children with phonological disorder.

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