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Xue-Qin Song
Acta Crystallographica Section E , 2008, DOI: 10.1107/s1600536808028286
Abstract: The title compound, C61H56N4O8, is arranged with all four salicylamide arms disposed in a circular fashion. Each arm has a similar conformation and they are extended so that their terminal groups can fold back. The four carbonyl O atoms are located on the outside of the molecule. The structure is stabilized by intra- and intermolecular N—H...O hydrogen-bonding interactions.
The Research and Assessment of the Regional Environmental Management Index System —Case Study of Dadukou District
CHEN Bei,WANG Xue-qin
Journal of Chongqing Normal University , 2012,
Abstract: "Abstract: With the application of the Driving Force-State-Response framework(DSR) model mechanism, this paper constructed the framework of regional environmental management index system on the basis of environment management process, put forward the regional environmental management evaluation model and grading standards of the environmental management evaluation index, and applied them to Dadukou District of Chongqing. Then it calculated the environmental driving force index, environmental state index, environmental response index and environmental management evaluation index from 2005 to 2009 in Dadukou district. This paper analyzed the goodness of fit between the calculating results and the actual situation, demonstrated the regional environmental management evaluation model in the study area. This article found the main factor which influences the environmental management evaluation index of Dadukou district is the environmental driving force index. In order to reduce the environmental driving force index and raise the environmentalmanagement level, the author raised some suggestions such as adjustment of the industrial make-up, the perfectness of the environmental fundamental facilities and so on."
Exogenous Nitric Oxide Enhances Root Activity, Decreases H2O2 Accumulation by Increasing Activities of CAT and GR in Root of Potato cv. Desiree under Water-stress
Xue-Qin He,Dai Ma,Mei-lian Meng
Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology , 2013,
Abstract: We studied water content, H2O2 content, antioxidant enzymes activities of different organs and root activity in potato cv. Desiree pretreated with NO under water-stress. It was found that the bound water content in root and root activity was significantly increased by treating NO before water-stress. Pretreatment with NO decreased the H2O2 content and raised activities of CAT and GR significantly in roots under water-stress. The results suggested that NO might enhance the resistance to water-stress in potato.
Enhanced Differentiated Surveillance for Static and Random Mobile Sensor Networks
Xue-Qin Zhu,Ying Gui,Hong-Zhen Xu
Journal of Networks , 2011, DOI: 10.4304/jnw.6.10.1483-1490
Abstract: Wireless integrated sensor networks, which include collecting, processing data and communication, are used more and more widely for its low cost and convenient deployment. Nowadays the researches of sensor networks are fairly active. The security is one of the key questions in sensor networks. Intrusion detection is a kind of network security technologies used to detect any behavior that will damage or attempt to damage system confidentiality, integrality or availability, and it can provide the reasonable supplement to intrusion prevention mechanism, and construct a second wall of defense for network and system. This paper mainly focuses on the energy efficient intrusion detection technology. According to the characteristics of sensor network and the specialty of the invasions in sensor network, this paper presents an intrusion detection model based on statistics anomaly in sensor networks. The algorithm establishes models for the normal state of the nodes, and makes decisions through the deviation degree of observed value. The algorithm is fault-tolerant for non-invasion anomaly when the communication between nodes break down or the accident wrongly create anomaly.
Research Progress of Methods of SSR Primers Development
开发SSR引物方法之研究动态Research Progress of Methods of SSR Primers Development

LI Ming-Fang,ZHENG Xue-Qin cal Agriculture Science,Haikou,China,
,郑学勤LI Ming-Fang,ZHENG Xue-Qin

遗传 , 2004,
Abstract: SSRs is one of molecular markers technology based on DNA length polymorphism and an efficient tool for population genetic studies and primary genetic linkage maps construction. Because of a special primer marker,It's necessary to know a species DNA sequence in order to design primers for PCR testing. That is to say,there is a problem of SSR primer development. For the progress of SSR marker technology,the methods of developing SSR primer could be divided into four kinds: traditional constructing and screening genome library procedure,the SSR richment procedure,avoiding screening genome library procedure and database search procedure. This paper reviewed these four methods'operation processes and their advantages and disadvantages. In addition,transferability of SSR primers in closely related species were introduced in recent years.
Hepatocyte growth factor regulates HLX1 gene expression to modulate HTR-8/SVneo trophoblast cells
Liu Hai-Ying,Jia Xue-Qin,Gao Ling-Xue,Ma Yu-Yan
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1477-7827-10-83
Abstract: Background Paracrine signaling of the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) cytokine plays an important role in survival and invasion ability of placental trophoblasts. However, the intracellular factors and biological pathways underlying these responses remain unclear. Methods This study investigated whether HGF affected the expression of homeobox gene HLX1, which is principally expressed in reproductive tissues and in some immune cells, and evaluated the implications of such in the HGF-induced human trophoblast cell line HTR-8/SVneo. Results HGF was found to up-regulate both HLX1 mRNA and protein levels. Transient transfection of small interfering RNA (siRNA) targeting HLX1 abrogated its induction by HGF. Functionally, HLX1 siRNA not only reduced the growth and invasion capacities of HTR-8/SVneo cells at the basal level, but also inhibited these responses induced by HGF treatment. Conclusions HLX1 is an essential downstream signaling component of HGF that leads to growth and invasiveness of trophoblast cells.
Additive Contributions of Two Manganese-Cored Superoxide Dismutases (MnSODs) to Antioxidation, UV Tolerance and Virulence of Beauveria bassiana
Xue-Qin Xie,Fang Li,Sheng-Hua Ying,Ming-Guang Feng
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0030298
Abstract: The biocontrol potential of entomopathogenic fungi against arthropod pests depends on not only their virulence to target pests but tolerance to outdoor high temperature and solar UV irradiation. Two Beauveria bassiana superoxide dismutases (SODs), BbSod2 and BbSod3, were characterized as cytosolic and mitochondrial manganese-cored isoenzymes (MnSODs) dominating the total SOD activity of the fungal entomopathogen under normal growth conditions. To probe their effects on the biocontrol potential of B. bassiana, ΔBbSod2, ΔBbSod3, and three hairpin RNA-interfered (RNAi) mutants with the transcripts of both BbSod2 and BbSod3 being suppressed by 91–97% were constructed and assayed for various phenotypic parameters in conjunction with ΔBbSod2/BbSod2, ΔBbSod3/BbSod3 and wild-type (control strains). In normal cultures, the knockout and RNAi mutants showed significant phenotypic alterations, including delayed sporulation, reduced conidial yields, and impaired conidial quality, but little change in colony morphology. Their mycelia or conidia became much more sensitive to menadione or H2O2-induced oxidative stress but had little change in sensitivity to the hyperosmolarity of NaCl and the high temperature of 45°C. Accompanied with the decreased antioxidative capability, conidial tolerances to UV-A and UV-B irradiations were reduced by 16.8% and 45.4% for ΔBbSod2, 18.7% and 44.7% for ΔBbSod3, and ~33.7% and ~63.8% for the RNAi mutants, respectively. Their median lethal times (LT50s) against Myzus persicae apterae, which were topically inoculated under a standardized spray, were delayed by 18.8%, 14.5% and 37.1%, respectively. Remarkably, the effects of cytosolic BbSod2 and mitochondrial BbSod3 on the phenotypic parameters important for the fungal bioncontrol potential were additive, well in accordance with the decreased SOD activities and the increased superoxide levels in the knockout and RNAi mutants. Our findings highlight for the first time that the two MnSODs co-contribute to the biocontrol potential of B. bassiana by mediating cellular antioxidative response.
Molecular cloning, expression pattern, and putative cis-acting elements of a 4-coumarate:CoA ligase gene in bamboo (Neosinocalamus affinis)
Cao,Ying; Hu,Shang-lian; Huang,Sheng-xiong; Ren,Peng; Lu,Xue-qin;
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology , 2012,
Abstract: background: 4-coumarate:coa ligase (4cl) plays an important role at the divergence point from general phenylpropanoid metabolism to several branch pathways. although 4cl sin higher plants have been extensively studied, little has known about the 4cl gene of bamboo. results: in current study, a na4cl gene putative encoding 4-coumarate:coa ligase (4cl) and its 5?-flanking region were isolated from bamboo (neosinocalamus affinis) by race-pcr and genomic dna walker, respectively. na4cl encodes a predicted protein of 557 amino acids, with conserved motifs of adenylate-forming enzymes. phylogenetic analysis showed that na4cl shared 62~85% identity with other known plant 4cls, and cluster closely with some known 4cls in monocots. sequence analysis revealed conserved cis-acting elements (box a and ac-ii element) present in the na4cl promoter. additionally, a na4cl rnai construct was transformed into tobacco. transgenic tobaccos displayed significant down-expression of endogenesis 4cl and reduced lignin contents. conclusion: these results contribute to the knowledge of the presence of na4cl gene and its possible role in phenylpropanoid metabolism.
A Computational Algorithm for Solving Singular Third-order Boundary-value Problem

LV Xue-Qin,CUI Ming-Gen,

数学物理学报(A辑) , 2010,
Abstract: The singular third-order boundary value problem arises in the study of draining and coating flows.Based on the reproducing kernel space,a new algorithm is suggested in this paper to solve such problems.Representation of the exact solution is given in the form of series in the reproducing kernel space W_2~40,1].Some examples are displayed to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the proposed method.
Cloning and Expression of α-D-Galactosidase from Coffee Bean( Coffea liberica & Coffea canephora )


遗传 , 2005,
Abstract: Alpha-D-galactosidase (alpha-Gal,E.C. is an exo-glycosidase. The enzyme isolated from coffee beans has been well characterized. It has high activity in hydrolyzing the terminal alpha-D-galactoside residues from glycoconjugates on human blood group B erythrocytes, as well as in converting the blood group B into O. A different 1089 bp cDNA open reading frame(ORF) encoding Gal of Coffea liberica & C. canephora was cloned by homology-based RT-PCR. The cloned Gal most closely resembles the corresponding one from C. aribica (98.7% and 99.27% identity). Heterologous overexpression of the two 1.1 kb cDNA fragments was obtained by using one Pichia pastoris stain GS115 and two secret expression vectors, pPICZalphaA and pGAPZalphaA. The expressed protein from P. pastoris stain GS115 was concentrated by ammonium sulfate precipitation and SDS-PAGE assay showed a clear band in the gel. The highest activity of the recombinant enzyme was up to 48.22 U/mL.

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